Note to Self | credit

Reflecting on some interactions – personal and professional – this week, this occurred to me…

What do you think?


17 thoughts on “Note to Self | credit

  1. I agree. I think though that the meaning of “seeing” and being “seen” for me is ‘I’m aware’ and ‘I acknowledge’. You’re full of thought provoking stuff Bonnie, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I agree! And think you’re oh-so-wise. I’ll be keeping this in mind when the next big project comes up in Corporate World! xo.


  3. i’ll go with that and add …. acknowledging someone for something is a simple act that lets someone know that what-they-did-matters. i think it’s not just about being ‘seen’ or ‘seeing’ but that what you did or what someone else did was ‘worthwhile’ enough for someone to acknowledge that they ‘saw’ that. just my two cents of course.


    • I did ask, ‘what do you think’ and me likes what you thinks! ๐Ÿ™‚

      It’s a great addition to the conversation, letting someone know they matter, and the whole idea of something being worthwhile. And it is so simple really, it surprises me how reluctant some are to ‘give’ that, to ‘see’ another. But I know that is very layered, very complex. Thanks for the .02!


  4. Deep for my brain this morning. Love the pic/words and I will be pondering on this one today.

    One of my boys works for “the state”…..he is young fresh blood wanting to change the world. He wants/helps others shine. But let’s just say….life gets interesting when you work in a prison….another world entirely.

    Now my soul is stirred up….good job, Bonnie โ™ฅ


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