Dear Kitty,

Dear Kitty,

I would like to thank you for your undying affection, and the fact that your mind is like mine and seems to come awake at the most unlikely moments. I also appreciate greatly, that you want to be near to me, so so near to me, that you find such unparalleled comfort in my hair, my breath, ย and my skin. That though you have many choices of where to be, you choose me.

I think I understand you, that you just want to know someone is there, ready to listen to you, really hear what you have to say, and just sort of well, be together, in those otherwise perfectly quiet hours of the day, when it seems nothing else is happening. That you would choose me is so very humbling. And of course to know, with confidence, with every fiber of fur on your adorable and never annoying self, that there is one person who no matter what you ask of them, perhaps even demand, will not hurt you. Even though it may cross their mind 6,790 times in the short span of the hours between 4-6am.

And without a doubt, I thank you for your vote of confidence in me, that at ungodly hours you know you can count on me to be there, to get up and attend to your modest and such well-timed needs and mostly that you recognize and simply cannot resist my animal magnetism, for why else would you need to sleep not just near me, not close to me, but on me, on my head to be precise; kneading my pillow to find the very best possible spot to get as close to me as humanly, animally possible. Oh, and lest I forget, allow me to express my gratitude for what appears to be your utmost confidence in my abilities to function with very little sleep, with cat-scratcher-sandpaper-behind the eyes focus. You are, without a doubt, my biggest fan.

Yes, I understand you and I am eternally grateful to have your endless, impartial affection.

I just have one small request, that while I am sure you envision our time together as nothing short of purr-fect, that you might find a time other than 5:08 am to express your undying love, admiration and affection for me.


Your faithful human


Special thanks to Mimi for the video find ๐Ÿ™‚


45 thoughts on “Dear Kitty,

  1. Love this post, Bonnie!! And I *sooo* feel your pain, except in my case it’s a 70 lb. chocolate Lab who loves to express his undying affection by sticking his wet nose in my ear. ๐Ÿ˜‰ He also sleeps wrapped around David’s head from time to time–it’s really beyond cute. And the video, well, it made me smile. I love how that baby is using the cat like a ‘slick ’em’ (that’s what my brother used to have–this blanket with a piece of satin trim that he rubbed for comfort.) Ahhh, these animals, what would we do without them?!


    • Hi Lori, I am laughing at the idea of wet willies from your pup! And I love the image of a 70lb lab wrapped around your man’s cute. The good thing is that a dog usually settles into a nice long deep sleep, where a cat seems so restless…and has to chatter, and move around every so often. Grr. That’s exactly what I was thinking, how the baby cuddled the cat like a little ‘banket’ as my little one used to say. Yes, these animals…what would we do without them? Sleep comes to my mind… ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Well, you already know that you have lots more fans, but we won’t lay across your head! ๐Ÿ™‚ My older fan is right next to me this morning as I type…guess she was reading your post over my shoulder and decided to get in on the action! ๐Ÿ™‚
    FYI: Mine eat electrical cords which always seems to get my attention quickly, even rouses me from a deep sleep!


    • Thank you Yvonne…for not laying across my head…so funny!! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Electrical cords, your cat? Really? My dog will chew on things like that, but cat is just fiendishly annoying and needy, at the strangest hours I might add…like normal kittty by day…and needy kitty by night. thanks for the smile this morning!


      • I have one kitty who adores eating ribbons, shoelaces and such! She eats them right off the shoes! Not funny when hubby goes to tie his shoes for work and has only nubs left! Ok, funny for me…but he doesn’t find it humorous! Other kitty likes to chew ice cubes, and electrical cords. Ah the fun of our furkids! xo


  3. This absolutely cracked me up! Particularly this part โ€œโ€ฆsuch unparalleled comfort in my hair, my breath, and my skinโ€ โ€“ the visual is amazing!


    • Dianne – so glad! I had to turn it on it’s hilarious head! Glad you loved that line, it’s so completely what she does – just has to get up right in my face…head…hear…argghh!!



  4. Oh Ho! So NOW I get what all the furry conversation on FB was about!!! Oh Bon, how did you end up with the one in a million pusses that requires human attention? What have you done to this poor feline to change it from it’s aloof, I love you but don’t need you, magnificent self? And to add insult to injury, I’d bet my last fur ball that your gentle puss sleeps ALL DAY! Yeah? Um Hmmm…


  5. Mine used to knock stuff off the night stand until I woke up. Two things got my attention immediately: 1) my glasses and 2) a glass of water. Once he figured that out, he’d immediately go for those first. Once he figured out that doing so got him kitty-pulted across the room, he stopped.

    Now he just meows at the bedroom door until I either get up or throw a shoe. (I am NOT a morning person.)


  6. Ha! I love it! When I first starte reading, I thought this was a love letter to your diary! But furry friends are the absolute best! My peeve with my pup is that he seems to take longer to do his final walk when it is freezing out than on balmy summer evenings. They all have their downsides, but who can even see those through all the love!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. This is the funniest highlight of my day! I am sorry that your feline friend loves you with such ferocity that sleep becomes a negotiable part of your relationship, but between your letter and the video, I’m laughing out loud (and expressing silent thanks that I don’t have a cat)..xox


    • I am so so glad I could make you laughโ€ฆthis popped into my mind at what, 5:38am and just glad I could string a few sentences together! Be glad, ever so glad, that you donโ€™t have a cat, at least a neurotic one like mine, for you will not have to reckon with the evil part of yourself that dreams up ways of silencing herโ€ฆ xoxo


      • I just get Archie pawing me at 4:30…which is so funny I usually find it forgivable. Teddy sleeps against me and will stay in bed as long as possible. The yin and yang of my nights – but no one is on my head…xox


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