Double Dog Dare

Summer is officially over, and tomorrow commences a new season. But, before summer packs its tank tops, shortens our days and flip flops out the door to let fall rush in, I bring you one last bastion of summer.  A follow through on a dare from my friend Paula at Stuff I Tell My Sister.  It was a double dog dare that we turned into a double triple – three of us, three times.

If you are like the 17 yr old I asked to take our pictures in Round One of this dare, a teen who ever so subtly rolled her eyes when I asked her to snap the shots, as if to imply that ‘duh, old lady, yes, of course I know‘, then you will know what planking is. But if not, she did indulge me and snapped away while we adjusted knee caps, ribs and other ‘parts’ on the uneven surfaces of gorgeous, but oh so unforgiving, granite boulders so that I could make good on this dare and bring you proof of having carried out the planking promise I made to Paula.


First up was a test run with the junior member of our planking team – (there are different ideas of proper form in planking, and we opted with the one you see here) –  and you will see a slight faltering in his form – hands and feet should not be touching the surface, but his face is correctly nose to the grindstone, so he gets points for that.  He did move on to the first round of the finals and served as mentor to our other planking amateur.


Judges rank of the plank:  so so. Those hands should not be waving, we need to see some superman action here.

And, you know what they say, the family who planks together,
stays together. :).

Family wins ROUND ONE

The planking mama and kiddo, surveying the land for our next opportunity to strike a pose.


You can see we each competed in our own category:
kiddo’s involved a bit more of a handicap with that granite ledge.
My older, ahem, wiser body couldn’t wouldn’t quite ‘adapt’ to those contours.

Kiddo wins ROUND TWO


The Final Round went to extremes, planking on the edge of the earth.

My planking partner has some training sessions he missed, and so…
Planking Mama wins the FINAL ROUND.

Paula and I will be representing blogland in the upcoming international planking championships and we are recruiting members of the team. Applications are now being accepted.


40 thoughts on “Double Dog Dare

  1. I just love the scenery in Round Three! So gorgeous. And congrats to Planking Mama! *humming “We Are The Champions” at my desk now* Whoohoo!


  2. Ahh! My old tae kwon do instructor used to make us do this for long periods of time. My stomach quivers in fear at the very thought… though it could probably use this right now.


  3. That’s some good dork material…I’m lovin’ it. In fact, for my next birthday, I want to give myself 55 plankings and one to grow on.


  4. Holy cow…this is fanplankingtastic! Whoo Hoo to ALL of you! And while, yes I must agree with each round winner you’ve chosen…I have a soft spot for your planking partner in the final round….style points aside……SO CUTE! Go Team!
    These pictures are gorgeous and so are all of you!


    • Holy Cow..only you would come up with fanplankingtastic…love that! My planking partner will be very happy to have your vote, I will let him know the judges are recalculating the final scores. Maybe we need to have a extra round to settle the score? Thanks on the photos..that area is beyond photogenic 🙂


  5. Thanks for my morning laugh AND dare. You guys did a great job and the scenary is beautiful! Cannot wait to see where you plank this fall!!!! (a challenge?) LOVE IT! 🙂 Hubby says you won 🙂


  6. Clearly the degree of difficulty here was a factor – kudos to Ben for his comportment, and intrepid approach. I would say that with points deducted for the ‘wave’, this team is a lock for the gold…


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