Seven and 7

Over the summer, my son attended a variety of camps: soccer, baseball, zoo, aquatic, etc.  They were all great experiences for him, kept him engaged during the day while I worked and introduced him to new skills, kids, adults, and routines.  The last camp of the summer was by far his favorite, technology camp where he was exposed to what goes into programming a video game. Heaven for an eight year old.

On the last day, they held a parent showcase and I went to see his project, meet the instructors and get a glimpse into what his life had been like during his geek week.  I was already impressed with the professionalism, organization and friendliness of the staff, but what impressed me the most was that at no less than three times during the parent showcase program, the kids were asked to acknowledge other campers by pointing out qualities and attributes they found helpful, likable, and worth mentioning. I beamed as I heard other kids acknowledge my son for things like being a good friend, a good helper and good at helping them figure out solutions.  But when it was kiddo’s turn to return the acknowledgments, I was even prouder to see him easily share his gratitude for other kids he had only just met; understanding that he was better because of them.

I was impressed with this camp for integrating this into their curriculum, impressing it upon these kids, who will before we know it – be decision makers, leaders – the importance of recognizing others for their uniqueness, their contributions and their part in the larger whole.

I feel the same about the blogosphere; I had no idea when I first began here, the degree to which other bloggers support each other. It’s remarkable, really.  I work in an environment where this is a missing piece to a large extent, and so perhaps for me it is more glaring, more obvious.  I think the blogging community has much to teach what is often referred to as the ‘real world’.

And so, with that, I acknowledge – with a big  thank you – Rhonda {Help Me Rhonda} and Amber {The Smile Scavenger} for passing along the torch of recognition known as the  Seven Things About Me blog award – you both are amazing and I am so grateful to have found both of you here on the wordscape of blogland.

And in case you were wondering, I can do the math, so together, you get 4-teen.

It’s harder than it seems [right Rhonda?] to come up with seven, if not 14, things that would be remotely interesting to all of you. I mean, you couldn’t possibly want to know that on a high school ski trip, I rode up the chair lift with a ski instructor/emergency responder, whom I told I was a newbie, and whom reassured me he’d make sure I was fine, that at the moment we needed to jump off the lift chair, he caused me – and him – to fall, a split leg roll over backwards under the chair, tangling of our skies, causing the people on the chair behind us to also fall. And then, only to see him get up, in a huff, without helping me, and ski off down the run?  Or, that my illustrious career in shoplifting began and ended when I was five years old?  No, those are not the kind of things you were hoping to learn, were you?

So, of course there are some rules I must follow.

Thank the blogger who nominated you ::  Rhonda, Amber, thank you for passing the torch of generosity!

Share 7 14 things about yourself  ::  2 down, 12 to go…

Nominate other bloggers* you think deserve the award and post on their blog to let them know. It’s my hope to highlight bloggers I haven’t shared before with you here, and keep your eyes open…there just might be some more love to share around another corner.

So, I threw in an extra one. A bonus, you might think, but one of them is a myth; can you spot the one that is not true?

3. Apparently I go blank when asked to share 7 things about myself, as that is exactly what happened when Rhonda and Amber passed along this lovely blog award.

4. I often use the term enigma to describe myself; I am this and I am also that. I love monochrome and bright bursts of color; I am an introvert, but walk easily in extrovert shoes; I like sweet and I like salty [better if together!], I am a goof-ball with a serious, introspective side; I plan and I procrastinate;  I am sarcastic and I am sensitive; I am a leader and I am happy to follow [as long as I believe in whom I follow].

5. I blush way too easily, and when I realize I am blushing, I just blush more. And I hate it!

6. I have no musical talent whatsoever, but music helps me interpret the world around me and my own feelings.

7. I dropped out of the Brownies when I was 8. After my parents bought the whole uniform set for me. Including the watch.

8. I envy those who wear their heart on their sleeve; mine tends to hang out in my pocket.

9. I played basketball in high school.

10. I have run two marathons and four half marathons.

11. In the 8th grade, I played on the school softball team and it was last inning, last ups, we were down 1, bases were loaded, 2 outs and I was up. I struck out. And yes, I am over it, sort of.

12. I got the chicken pox on my 17th birthday.

13. I dream of learning how to paint one day.

14. I learned how to drive on a ’66 mustang with no power steering and a cast on my right arm, with my older brother as my teacher. And yes,  I am right handed.

15. I broke both arms at the same time in college, the night before final exams. And no, that’s not when I learned to drive.


* I hope you enjoy the acknowledgement that I think you are super, and smile when I see a new post from you in my inbox, or a comment on a post. It is entirely up to you to sit and savor this or turn it into a post of your own; please know you are under no obligation from me.  Cheers!


41 thoughts on “Seven and 7

  1. Congratulations on being nominated for this award. Goodness poor you. Now you have to think of more thing to say about the award that I nominated you for…OR you can just say that readers should see your comment previously made on one of your many other awards!!


  2. Congratulations on the award, Bonnie! Well deserved indeed. I love the story of your son’s camp. Acknowledgement and appreciation are such important traits to teach children. It’s one thing for the teachers to recognize children, but I think being recognized by peers is so much more powerful. Kudos to the blog world for getting it right.


  3. Thanks Bonnie, I really appreciate it!

    Okay, so we have three things (kind of) in common here…
    I have NO musical talent.
    I learned to drive in a car with no power steering.
    And I would’ve killed for a Brownie uniform (I even mentioned it in my book)

    Unless one of these facts is the myth… ??


    • You are so welcome Maggie, I’m glad we’ve connected here.

      How fun that we have those things in common! And yes, these are all truths 🙂 I am sorry I ‘wasted’ that Brownie uniform…I was just so stinkin’ shy back then, the group thing overwhelmed me at the time!


  4. Okay – I’m going out on a limb here. Now I’ve said I picked it up straight away I’ve got to fess up. I was sure it was number 9 (but now I’m having second thoughts!) 😀


  5. Congrats Bonnie!!! 🙂

    Careful what you wish for though, as a heart-on-sleever, I often envy those with pockets! 😉


    • Thanks Amber…you were so kind to pass it on to me and I really do appreciate you! And not just for that… 🙂

      I hear ya, but on the flip side, there can be so much over thinking….when a pocket is involved! 😉


  6. Each post like this makes me know you better. It also makes me see how very much we are alike (oh so scary for you!). I love the camp you described for you son….I hope that this sticks with each child and adult that lived it/witnessed it. What a better world we would be if we regrouped and looked for the positives in each other (and ourselves!). I gotta know….both arms…..wth were you doing?!?!? (brownies ~ I didn’t get the watch…and I was totally disappointed that brownies were never served at the meetings. It’s what I joined for, afterall!) 🙂


  7. Bonnie Me Lass….I love this. First, this camp sounds amazing and I can see the beam when you speak of Ben and the extra he gained from this experience. He sounds like such a great kid. I marvel at how you can manage 15 things and not fill up 7 1/2 pages. I cannot do this! I need to do this! Teach me to do this! Another thing we have in common, the breaking of the arm (mine in HS though) and like you, not because of a car, but made driving the car more difficult. 🙂 We are twins with regard to #5…and add #8 to it, and i’m a heart wearing, red faced, mess! I love how you describe your enigmatic self. That’s the best of the best in my book. Yay you, and congrats, congrats, congrats. (and please, which one is not true?)


    • Rhonda – my blushing twin…and perhaps I can learn #8….working on it, it’s easier with some than others, that is for sure…

      Thank you thank you….and yes, the camp was so well done, I was glad he got the opportunity.

      Omg…you are funny, your stories are great, it is I who wonders, how does she do that?? So, story on girl, you are awesome! I was happy to get a list down! I feel your’re now on what #49??? ) I broke my wrist in HS and arms in college.

      I’ll give you this…the one that is not true has a single digit number. xoxoxo


      • LOL…ok, I shall revisit and try to figure out the single digit culprit. As for the rest, I’m glad you like my stories…they are all part and parcel of who I am and no matter the circumstance or the outcome, if they attract friends like you, then I’m happy to share them. But seriously, I need a lesson in brevity, don’t you think? man!


        • You will find it and then you will laugh..kind of like the thumbs up! 🙂 Your stories are great, and they are you, your style, and we need some of both. So, no, sorry, no lessons in brevity. Sorry man.


          • Dude! No fair withholding that which I so desire! Short sentences! And I’m off to find the one!

            Ok…I’ve decided on #9. Only because we’ve talked about #5 and #8. I’ve seen a ‘musical conversation between you and Paula’ and you did not mention playing an instrument then, which of course you would have, and the others are just you! So? Yes?


              • Ha! I never considered the shoplifting as, sadly, I am again your twin. Such embarrassment, to be brought back and made to return that which I pilfered! Oh, the horror, but also a lesson learned. 🙂


                • Me too!! I was GUILT ridden until I finally fessed up to my mom, who marched me right back and made me give them the amount of money the thing was worth, for it was gone, eaten, by the time I fessed up. Such a lesson learned!! 🙂


  8. Thanks so much for including me on your list Bonnie! I agree that it has been amazing to discover the huge levels of support out there in the blogosphere and I’m so happy I found you and your blog!


    • You are so welcome {I realize I don’t know your first name…. :)} It is such a wonderful opportunity to be part of the blogosphere and I too am glad we have connected our corners of the sphere and can meet here in the comments!! Enjoy the award and if you choose to write on it, I will look forward to getting to know you a bit!


  9. what an awesome camp. how smart that they ‘see’ that positive recognition by your peers can be a serious ego and mood booster. can help give you a foundation for even more success. hmmm, where have we talked about that recently? let me think…..oh yeah, HERE.

    Well, I KNOW you are an enigma. though i’m not positive you use that word to describe yourself. but i’m going for #5. I don’t see you as a blusher, but since we haven’t ‘visited’ face to face yet, i’m not positive. but that’s my vote.

    thanks for introducing me to some new blogs. i’m off to explore.


    • I do use that word – enigma – to describe myself, have for years. That’s why it was fun to see you describe yourself as a study of opposites, just another way to put it. And unfortunately, for me, I am indeed a blusher. And I do hate it, but I have learned to deal 🙂 Guess again my friend! Hope you enjoy my other blogging buddies!


  10. Thank you so much, Bonnie. What an absolute honour!

    There are so many things I love about this post (apart from the fact that you nominated me for a 7 Things About Me Blog Award) 😀

    1 – The fact that your son made you proud at the parent showcase (what a sweetheart)
    2 – That fantastic quote by Albert Schweitzer
    3 – The wonderful support from the blogosphere (I feel it as well)
    4 – The fifteen things about you that you shared with the world
    5 – The fact that you’re an enigma and you blush ;D (me too)
    6 – I immediately spotted the one that is not true 🙂
    7 – You are definitely one of my favourites and you deserve this award

    Well done my friend 😀


    • Dianne…oh my goodness, I love love your response, you are to be hugged! 🙂
      The list is perfect – and you listed 7, {yes I noticed} and it’s fun to know where we intersect, welcome to the enigma club! 🙂 It keeps things interesting, that is for sure. And the blushing, c’mon! I would like to outgrow that, but I suppose that is not likely to happen. I want to know which one you think is false and right back at ya on #7! 🙂


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