Note to Self | Take Notes

What do you think?

Are there lessons that you seem to have to learn over and over again, wondering why?


20 thoughts on “Note to Self | Take Notes

  1. Wait! Where’s Paula going? Why do I feel like I’m in the dark? Is it a good thing? I have to learn to keep up…that’s my lesson for today…need a sticky note. KEEP UP.


  2. Echoing what everyone else has said about this post being thought provoking and wonderful … also what Mimi said about making things about us … that would be my lesson, I think.

    I’m constantly taking things personally – at work especially – and getting myself worked up before I take a breath and realize “that wasn’t about me at all. People have a million different, complicated reasons for doing the things they do, and chances are, little old me was NOT the deciding factor in their decision!”

    Family is different, of course, since we often have each other in mind, but for the most part, I need to keep learning “it’s not about me!”


    • Thanks Amb…I agree, it’s such a lesson that seems to repeat itself, I have to keep learning that one over and over too…add it to my list. Though, i will say that with age, does come a certain degree of lessening of this one … the upside of wrinkles I suppose. 🙂

      It is most often SO not about us, when we can step back and realize, but so hard to know that in the moment, if we are sensitive and care about how we fit in, belong, etc. Thanks for adding to the notepad here! xo


  3. I’m constantly trusting people I shouldn’t – but my hubby is my ‘note-pad’ reminder and lets me know this every time it happens and I get hurt – D’oh! 🙂


    • You are lucky to have a hubby there to pick you up when that happens; you have such an open heart, I wish it didn’t get stomped on by the wrong folks! You want to see the good in others…that’s a marvelous thing!


      • I believe it’s good to look for good in others as well. My hubby is always saying ‘you’re too trusting,’ and I say, ‘that’s me. It’s in my nature and I’ll never change.’ I’m very wary of strangers though (I’m not THAT trusting), but I always give poeple I know the benefit of the doubt – sometimes several times LOL 😀


  4. Few words that say so sooooo much. Will miss ya….but if you guys don’t quit posting such great stuff….I’m never gonna get the car loaded up! ♥ (take care of Rhonda for me while I’m gone ♥)


    • Oh good, it could be taken the other way, I suppose, being reminded of things you’d like to put in the pile of ‘to think of later’ . Yes, start taking notes, I bet you have some wonderful notes! 🙂


  5. Love this BonBon – and yes..the oft reviewed note that I used to have on my computer…”who is it for?” Every conversation – who is it for? Is it for me to make a point, address an Issue I’m having, or is it for the person who has come to see me, called me, etc..I think people have a tendency to forget that more often than not it isn’t about us and shouldn’t be – it’s about somebody else..Don’t know that I need to learn this lesson over again, but that’s the note I most remember.
    Lesson still to be learned? Too many for a public forum…:-) This was a great post!! Now to get coffee and mull it over some more..xox


    • Thank you Mimi -that’s a great note to guide interactions! I agree completely….too often people make it all about them, and what a breakdown that causes. And yes, too many lessons for a public forum, laughing, I hear you on that one, which is why I needed my own rhetorical question! xoxo


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