One thing can make all the difference in the world.

How one father’s life taken, far too early, can inexplicably change the course of a family for generations, forever.

How one  person can change an entire day with just a smile.

How one mother can forever change the world of one little girl.

How one person who abuses their power can cause the suffering of an entire people.

How one child makes a family.

How one leader can dash the morale of an entire soul.

How one partner can render someone invisible to themselves.

How one comment starts a conversation.

How one degree hotter makes water boil.

How one conversation can start a friendship.

How one word can change a whole story.

How one song can lift spirits.

How one friend can make you feel so at home.

Yes, one thing can make all the difference in world.

Do you have a one?


17 thoughts on “One

  1. How one song can change one’s mood.
    How one lyric can bring one to tears.
    How one word can haunt one’s soul forever.
    How one conversation can transcend one’s thoughts.
    How one roadblock can lead to a better path.
    How one post can make one comment forever. lol

    Thanks for this. That was fun to write and puts life in perspective too.


  2. I wish you all a thousand wonderful “one more things.” That reminds me of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computers, who always ended his talks with then line, “…and just one more thing!” and he’d bring out a new, amazing device.


  3. how one plus one plus one makes three
    how one plus thousands makes a tree
    how there is always room for just one more
    before you know it, three is four
    our lives are rich with ones, just singles
    our world is better when we mingle
    with the gifts of one plus one
    the gifts of friends like you



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