This Dot. That Dot. Connected.

I was reading something the other day, from a book whose title I am not going to reveal, for fear you might all find me to be somewhat of a nut (or more of one!). But no matter our individual bents or philosophies on life, perhaps this is something worth thinking about…

‘Thoughts are things…and may create crimes or miracles.’

‘There is no such thing as an idle thought, for so called idle thoughts are the building blocks of more complex patterns of thinking…thought patterns grow with feeding, and as thought patterns grow, they gather momentum…’

Whoa. I like this; thinking about thinking.

In reading this, I realized it not only resonated with me now but that it connects with something I heard while attending a national professional development conference a couple of years ago. It was a session I almost skipped, because something in the session write up – the one in the program book everyone carries around, their informational GPS device for the duration of the conference – seemed, well, a little touchy-feely to me. Which generally is fine in my book, make no mistake, but this was a conference with more than a thousand people in attendance and not a lot of hi-how-ya-doing interpersonal interaction.

At the start of the session, the presenter brought out a guitar and in what I can only describe as a very campfire song-like style, began singing – and  asking us to sing along. What? I silently cursed myself for not heeding my own internal first thoughts – as by now, you surely know that I am not that kind of angel. Singing and I unfortunately do not peacefully co-exist (in my dreams yes, in my car yes, in reality, no.).  But, I played along, well, to be honest, I lip-synced, so as to appear that I was playing along, and spare the other attendees sitting oh so near to me.

Within moments though, I realized I had made a good choice; it ended up being one of the best sessions I attended that week, with relevant, pertinent information I could bring home and actually use in my job. Life is funny this way, yes?

I scribbled notes on the hotel notepad I had grabbed from by the phone in my room, and apparently tucked away those two little pieces of paper in the time since, finding them again only recently (realizing I had failed to make note of the presenter’s name…).  When I pulled them out, at first all I saw were the words Stop, Keep, and Start, and I wasn’t sure why I had kept them. Then it slowly came back to me.

The presenter focused this portion of the session on how our brains think in patterns, seek out patterns really.  And that in the context of creating more good in our lives, cultivating more success, achieving our goals, and to help develop a more positive outlook, get us further down our own paths towards wholeness, growth,  understanding, mindfulness, peace, etc.; that we should perhaps consider these three questions:

 — What should I stop doing?  —

— What should I keep doing?  —

— What should I start doing?  —

I can think of a zillion scenarios in my own life in which I could, should, implement this: running more, eating less, eating better, communicating more clearly, improving my time management, becoming a better writer, trusting my own instincts, second guessing myself less, being  a better parent, being a better friend.

If I allowed myself, my list would be longer than Santa’s list of good boys and girls.

While reading my you-might-think-I’m-a-nut book, I connected one dot with another.  It made it more clear, for me, this connection that our brains do want to find patterns, and that we can actively feed our thoughts in ways that help them gather momentum; a momentum that hopefully causes  an avalanche of positive, innovative, constructive, affirming thoughts that move us closer to what we want, or want more of in our lives.

So, you know what I’m thinking? I wonder what you think about all this thinking.


19 thoughts on “This Dot. That Dot. Connected.

  1. Wonderful questions!!! I’m sure glad you DID go to this particular session! (I’m with you though…..I do not care to lose a moment on rubbish. I give the speaker a moment, and if I do not connect, I leave!) I am pondering on all three right now! 🙂


  2. G’day Bonnie, I have just recently found your blog via another person I follow (Dianne Gray) and I love your posts and the thoughtful subject matter, so I would like to pass on the versatile blogger award. I’m sure you have been honoured with other awards and this is really just a sign of my appreciation. If you would like to find out more go to


    • Thank you so much!! That is wonderful of you, and I am so glad to know that what I share here makes it’s way to you, and I love that Dianne is who connected us. You have made my day, and so it is indeed a G’day! 🙂 Thanks again!


  3. now I’m curious and want to know what book you’re reading! And I loved this post. I think that thinking about thinking can be a really powerful tool. I tend to worry about hypothetical situations before they happen … which is a crazy waste of mental energy, and something I’m working on. But I have to think about my thoughts to make that happen! 🙂


    • Why am I not surprised that you are the only person (so far..) to ask about the book…you’d probably not find me a nut! I am so glad we are on the same page with our need to think about our thoughts! 🙂


  4. Perfect timing Bonnie…and excellent advice. Sometimes too much thinking gets in the way, but stopping, keeping, and starting…yes yes and yes. mwah


    • Oh good..perfect timing? Do tell RhonRhon! 🙂 it’s fine line between thinking and over thinking…such a fine line. But I really like this idea of focusing some of it, and I love the notion of giving positive momentum to our thoughts. I for one like the idea of being buried under a whole bunch of positive thoughts! 🙂 mwah! xo


  5. Before I retired from teaching middle school, one of my major complaints to friends was that I didn’t have time to think. My day was consumed with that day and planning the days ahead–oh, yeah, and fixing the things you can’t plan for when surrounded by 7th graders. Point being that I think many of us live our lives in that same running-doing-going mode that does not leave time for thinking.
    Am heading to the beach next week and thinking is on my to-do list!


    • Oh, what a dream, to be at the ocean with time to think, I love that! And yes, when the days fly by in a blur and there is no time to stop, think, reflect, something is really missing and I feel it {and maybe even get a little cranky? 🙂 } I hope you truly enjoy your week!!


  6. If there’s one thing I love thinking about – it’s thinking. I remember when I was young and my mother would say ‘what do you want to do when you grow up/leave school’ etc. I would always say, ‘can I get a job where people pay me to think?’ Naturally, she would laugh and say ‘no’ (after all, I was girl and girls were secretaries!)

    I love this post and am going to write those three words – stop, keep, start, and get started. 😀


    • Me too Dianne..the thinking…it’s an activity in my opinion 🙂 I had a boss once who when he gave a reference for a new position, shared that they would be wise, and get my best work, if they gave me ample time to reflect and think… I totally loved that he really got me like that!

      Too bad your mama did not know of Think Tanks then! I’m so glad this hit a spot with you, and I hope those three little words are instrumental for you…it struck me how simple it is really, and yet, so, so hard… 🙂


      • Even though I read your post last night its still running around in my head. I love it when something really makes me think (although my hubby will tell you I get dangerous when I’m like this!) You’ve planted a seed and I know something wonderful will come of it! 😀


        • I love that..that it is still running around your mind, and that a seed has been planted! At some point, I will love hearing what may have sprung up! And, back you friend, your post from today is running around mine! 🙂


  7. A follow-on to the premise that we are what we think. This all makes such sense to me, and were I more focused and less attracted to that which is before me at any given moment, I too might be able to order my thoughts with consideration so that things made more sense. But I am the Queen of Digression, the Princess of Parallel Thought and struggle to stay on task…oh, look coffee is done! Love and hugs, m


    • Good morning Princess of Parallel your response, and I am chuckling {did I really just say that?} at the coffee comment. I am right there next to you on some parallel axis point..thus my long list …sigh! I will just start with thinking positive and see where I get, until something shiny comes along 🙂 xoxo


  8. It all sounds good in theory… I’ve read about training the mind to cultivate a better thought process… The problem is discipline – which I sadly seem to lack 😦


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