Really and Truly

Here in this place, we tend to say, share, what we really want to, truly need to. There is some kind of unwritten rule perhaps, that that is why we are here?  And when we let that voice speak, the one that may not get the chance in other parts of our day, or with other people, or maybe with anyone else at all, how can we be anything but inspired by the other voices chiming in on our conversations, adding fresh perspectives and warm nods of agreement and understanding.

I never expected to find myself here and when I first began I certainly did not envision such a place.  I considered rolling up the carpet a couple of times, but a little something told me to just ‘deal’ with those funny feelings that come when we step outside our comfort zone.  And then to find that there are others who are a whole lot just like you.  Hanging out too.  Like the best virtual coffee house in town.

This inspires me every day.

And I think it goes without saying that there is that little flip and flop in your belly when someone says, “hey, I notice you, I like you…”

And sometimes, it feels like a whole lot must be said, when really, what is most important is a simple, heartfelt thank you, and a wave back. So, today I wave, and say thank you to those who said, “Hey, you over there, I see you and I am listening”

Two people who inspire me with each post, each share, each find…have gone and turned me into a puddle of gratitude mess. Some days it is laughter, others head scratching – yes exactly what I was thinking -wonderment, sometimes even tears, and always admiration. I don’t quite have the words for how to express when someone who inspires you, says that maybe, on some days, you inspire them too.

So, I wave and say thanks to Mimi (Waiting for the Karma Truck) who shared the Inspiring Blog Award with me.   With each post, Mimi manages to raise up thoughts I didn’t really know were there, but are; or make me laugh in some kind of solidarity; or stop in my tracks (to re-read) so I can fully absorb the grace I find in what she writes, and always makes me feel I have a place there in her corner.  And because it is humbling to “accept” an award when I still feel like I am finding my own blog legs, it seems to take me an inordinate amount of time to figure out how to say thank you, which I say also to David (Lead.Learn.Live), for this very same award he shared a ways back at this point. Each day I visit his blog, he ceases to amaze on finds that strike a chord, make me ponder something about life, walk away with a new appreciation for words and images and somehow has managed to pick out a few finds from my old stomping grounds, making me feel right at home.

So I say with the most heartfelt thanks I can summon in words, thank you!

So, as it goes, the ‘rules’ are

The Rules:
1.) Copy and Paste the icon on your blog- will do!
2.) Thank and link back to the blogger that nominated you- Of course
3.) List 7 things  about yourself – done!
4.) List blogs that inspire you – check!

Seven things:

  1. I hesitate every time I hit the publish button…
  2. I ‘performed’ in the 3rd grade talent show; my friend played her guitar, and I did something that approximated singing. It’s a wonder I don’t have nightmares about that.
  3. I have seen an iceberg
  4. It is one of my greatest sadnesses that my son never met either of his grandmothers, and that they never got to know him.
  5. My cable service/DVR crashed recently, and other than grieving the loss of approximately four hours of viewing Jon Hamm on Mad Men episodes from last season that I hadn’t had a chance to watch yet, what I missed most in the days it took to get a new one,  were the music channels.
  6. I look for, and savor the moments of play in my days: joking with the barrista at Starbucks, surprising my students, teasing my son, finding moments to say something unexpected that makes someone smile or laugh.
  7. I took the time and started a conversation with the woman who works at my post office recently. I know her name now, how many kids she has, that she has a cake decorating business (23yrs!) and I get a big smile every time I walk in now. It’s really not that hard.

The bloggers who continually inspire me:

In our day -to-day 3D lives, we tell those closest to us how much we care for them, over and over; it never gets old, right? And so, with abandon for the idea of not wanting to be repetitive, I am sharing blogs that, in addition to the two already mentioned, Mimi, and David, are the ones who  truly do inspire me, whether it be the insightful thoughts and diverse perspectives shared, the validating inclusion in the blogging community, or engaging in the comment conversation.  Know that I look forward to finding out what you share on  any given day, and that if we were to have the good fortune to bump into each other in a coffee house, how much I would enjoy sitting with you and just seeing where the conversation might go.

Stuff I Tell My Sister

Help Me Rhonda

Dianne Gray

Fly Away Home

Truth & Cake

Misifusa’s Blog

Words Become Superflous

Smile Scavenger

Hip Mama Media

Mercantile Muse

Mother Sugar

A Grateful Man

To each of you, thank you for sharing what you share, for your insights, your ideas, revealing bits of you along the way, trusting all of us. Please know that if  you just want to savor this, sip it like a perfect latte. Or cup of tea. Or, if you want to share, pour a cup for other bloggers who inspire you.  You get to choose!


32 thoughts on “Really and Truly

    • Maggie, you are welcome! Thank you…

      and yes…the publish button…every time! 🙂


  1. Congrats, Bonnie, on a much deserved award. You do inspire! And soooo sweet of you to give me shout-out. Thank you for including me in such wonderful company with the other bloggers. This really lifted my spirits today! After almost five months of blogging, I am still amazed at how wonderful it is to connect with new friends and share our journey’s and perspectives. It’s a fantastic time we live in that makes that possible. It never gets old to affirm a friend. Blessings!


    • Hi Maria, thank you, and I am soo glad this lifted your spirits! You have a wonderful blog and I always look forward to seeing what you have for us on any day you share! What a great point, I agree, that we live in a fantastic time that affords us the means to to connect with so many wonderful people whom we would otherwise never come to know. Blessings to you too!


  2. The most bizarre thing just happened to me. I wrote a post addressing this award and telling you how honored I am.. and then when I hit “publish” (on accident – meant to save it for another day), there was only a link to your page. =/

    So if it takes me a few days to work up the motivation to rewrite it, please know that I am still very grateful!!! 🙂


    • Oh gosh, that is so weird! No were fast to get anything started, it takes me so long {for reasons I wrote} so no apologies! It will come when it is supposed to! I am happy to share with you – your posts, esp today’s, really resonate with me. 🙂


  3. I read your words, knowing in my heart, we have already met, somewhere, at some time, because it is just too impossible to think this has not been the case. I love your words, your way of expressing every emotion and real truth that we all deal with, and most especially your heart. I am so very thankful to have found you again, for I do feel it’s an ‘again’ bonnie me lass…and i love you.


    • Rhoni – wow…remember I said, “I recognize you” – that’s it! Thank you so much, your words here, you just made me feel like I walked into home after a long time away. I am glad to have found you, and be found by you, again. i love you too xox


  4. What a lovely ‘acceptance speech,’ Bonnie!! Your posts delight me in much the same way that David & Mimi’s do–you’re always a ray of sunshine in my in-box! 🙂 I so agree with you about this little blogosphere–it’s a wonderful nurturing world we’ve stumbled into… 🙂 Hugs, L


    • Lori, what a lovely comment, you absolutely made my day! Thank you! This ‘sphere is mind boggling amazing, so nurturing, so welcoming, and I for one couldn’t be happier to have stumbled my way here, to find you, and everyone in this fantastic circle… Hugs to you too, B


    • David, most welcome, thank you for stopping by, and the generosity in the first place.


  5. These awards are so, so, SO well-deserved my friend – congratulations!! Not to sound like a cyber-stalking fangirl, but your blog is totally one of the first places I visit each morning. Like, for sure! 🙂 (But really, it is. Such a wonderful way to start my day).

    Thank you so much for including my little corner of the blog-verse with such wonderful company. I’m off to read and be inspired now, xo.


    • Amb – first of all, thank you! And second, I heart you cyber-stalking fan girl! That’s just one of the nicest things I’ve ever heard…thank you! Your corner is at the top of my go to list too, I always smile when I see an email in my inbox, letting me know there is something new from you! There is no way you would not be on this little list of mine 🙂


  6. Congratulations, Bonnie, on being named for the Inspirng Blog Award!. Your richly deserve it. And thank you for nominating my humble blog among such august company as your own wonderful blog and the others you mentioned and nominated. I am truly humbled. Thank you for brightening my day with the love and kindness that flows from your heart and spirit through your fingers, into your keyboard, onto my screen, and into my heart. I’m grateful to have you in my life.


    • Russ, thank you very much for your very kind words; I especially appreciate the way you say from heart all the way to you computer screen..that is how I feel when I read your posts and those of the others on my list- such amazing people like you that I am so grateful to have made a connection with here. Enjoy- whether you sip or pour!


  7. Congratulations, Bonnie. There is so much I love about this post (apart from the fact that you nominated me 🙂 )

    I love the line “the best virtual coffee house in town” this is so true and brought a big smile to my face 😀

    “I hesitate every time I hit the publish button” I laughed when I read this because I do too. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Maybe I should just read it through one more time…

    I’m going over to check out Mimi and David’s blogs and then all your other lovely nominees.

    Thank you again for being such a supportive and wonderful blogging sister 😉


    • Hello Blogging Sister..I love that! I always look forward to your comments, and I especially love how you manage to pick out your favs that are often mine too 🙂

      Yes! The whole, “should I?”, “shouldn’t I?”, “read it again, one more time” Yes! All that! Me too! You will truly enjoy the other bloggers – a wonderful list if I do say so myself. You are great, and I love that you are are and I am there, in our blogs. 🙂


  8. So cool.

    Call me Sally Field, but you like me, you really like me.

    OK, so I knew that already, it just seemed the perfect chance to say it.

    If I repeat endlessly, maybe I can describe it as a plethora of Sally Field Oscar moments.


    I will be sharing this for sure and thanks for making my day, and days so much more special.


  9. ♥ You truly are inspirational. It takes a special person to make you laugh AND cry thru cyberspace. Thanks for all you do. Including talking to me while I still have bars on my phone in the viewing car!!!! 🙂 ♥


    • Ahh Paula..thank you my dear friend, I don’t wish for tears on any day from anyone; but it gives me a tear to think that what rumbles around my mind finds resonance in yours. You are wonderful, and I loved that viewing car chat…I can still hear your perfect drawl in my mind and I love it! 🙂 ♥


      • ♥ You are as sweet as southern ice tea….and one more thing that any “Okie” will say….”I don’t have an accent.” 🙂 Love ya, girl ♥


  10. You know I love you BonBon, savor your posts and often wonder how two people who have never met can think so similarly about so many things. You inspire, you delight, you make people want to be a part of your circle for its joys, its wonders, its beauty, its fears, its reality…I just wished I lived a little closer to the real Bonnie…though in the interim I will be so so grateful for the virtual BonBon who is in my heart..xox


    • And you know I love you too Mimi…it is quite something how we meet in the middle so very often, and it’s a lovely, amazing thing to find my own thoughts through your words! That’s such a delightful surprise I have discovered. I wish you lived just a little bit to the real Bonnie too…for I know we would close down that coffee house (and wine bar, and kitchen…etc!) xoxox


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