Screamin’ Saturday

So, would you scream?

If no, why?

If yes, what would you scream?


25 thoughts on “Screamin’ Saturday

  1. You always find the best videos Bonnie! Candice cracks me up: “I”m from Ohio. It’s boring here.” Hilarious! I’m not sure if I would scream or not … actually, that’s not true. I’d be the girl who’s all, “Oh, no, I couldn’t possibly …” and then just lets it all out! I bet it would be so satisfying!


    • Isn’t she the best?! To be so, free….and a little crazy…she’s got it good!

      I can’t decide…I think if the mood and setting were right,…I might…be right there too! xo


    • Hey Gwen, that’s so funny, I thought you might! She’s a hoot, and I can see how she’d be your kind of girl..I think she’s a doll, with so much creative energy!


  2. No screaming for me today. I am quietly curled up in the swing on the porch overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Shhhhhhh…….


  3. scream queen here…thought not usually a positive thing. can’t be any worse than asking someone if they can see you right? now where did i put my sign…. πŸ™‚


  4. I’d scream…out of frustration, or fear apparently (Andy says I occasionally scream in my sleep which I think is probably scarier for him).


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