When change is on the horizon, no matter how big or small, it can have a trickle down effect to the present moment. Things start to look different, feel different, and in fact, are different.  When change is necessary, or just inevitable, the process is at once exhilarating and enervating.

It’s so easy to want to keep things the same, simply because we recognize the landscape and are familiar with the language of the road signs. We know what to do, our next movements are predictable without the need for thought or consideration.

When we start down a path of change, it is normal to recognize, in a a cognitive way, that there will be twists and turns, and bumps  in the road that we can’t anticipate; we just know that we must accept that that is to come.

But, on some days, I have to admit, these undulations I encounter along the way leave me feeling like I want to jump out of my skin.   Too many competing thoughts racing through my mind; things I know I must deal with, sort out, accept, process, knowing that this will require that I patiently spend time  in an unfamiliar place, with an unknown language.

When we initiate, or at the very least, welcome change, we are essentially opening the door to the new. But in so doing, in this transition, we also find that we must let go of something. That something can be tangible, or intangible, and no matter, letting go is usually not easy.

Image From Collosal.com – click for more images and info!

Image From Collosal.com. As part of the 2012 Archstoyanie festival in Nikola-Lenivets, Russia design firm Salto created this gargantuan trampoline installation called Fast Track.
Measuring nearly 170 ft. (51 meters) the bouncy road is nearly the length of a city block.

So, with this feeling of wanting to jump out of my own skin today, when I came across these these images, of a 170 ft trampoline in a Russian Forest, I realized that perhaps, when you feel like jumping, maybe that is exactly what you should do…in whatever way works.

Do you ever feel like jumping out of your own skin when things get a little uncomfortable?  Without a city block’s length of trampoline, how do you find your jump?


23 thoughts on “Jumping

  1. These trampolines are amazing, Bonnie! I just want to jump into your page and onto them!

    I love change – it makes me feel alive 😉 Creatures most adaptable to change are the ones who are more likely to survive…and I’m sure this is us 😉


    • Aren’t they the coolest? I love that kind of creative, imaginative innovation, in such unexpected ways.

      And it was beyond uncanny, how I was feeling so incredibly jumpy, all day, just itching to get away from what’s on my mind…when I happened to come across these images on Facebook. The irony did not make it past me for a split second, and along with the fun metaphor of it all, I had to laugh! I want to jump into the screen and onto them also!

      I love change too…for the most part, but I won’t say it’s all a cakewalk! 😀


  2. It’s true, Bonnie, change can be terrifying, and many’s the time I’ve struggled with the ‘better the devil you know…’ dilemma. But change can also be exhilarating and energizing, and somehow I’ve got the feeling your changes will be thus–not easy, but worthwhile.

    “All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.” Anatole France

    Wishing you clear skies and a strong tail wind as you embark on this next chapter… hugs, L


    • Lori, as always, such an insightful, gentle comment…not easy, but worthwhile, so well said. The voice of someone who has truly traveled…

      The quote, is simply amazing. You and David have given me keepers from today…

      Hugs back…and thank you1


  3. Years ago the idea of taking the first step was always thrown on me, and one at a time, as I looked back each situation, I was always happy with the changes that happened and glad for the progress toward what I need in my life to be happy. Now, when an idea to do something different, or be somewhere different comes along, I embrace it wholeheartedly and don’t need the ‘push’ I used to. If it feels right inside, and what I am moving on from has felt like it’s run the course.. I know it can only bring good.


    • Jess,

      What a thoughtful and honest comment, thank you so much! I agree, looking back, I can see where changes I’ve made, or welcome, ultimately led to something good, maybe even better, or at the very least, taught me something really important that I realize I needed to learn.

      I love how you explain how you embrace change now, that when it feels right and what you are moving on from has run it’s course can only bring good. Those are words I will remember..thank you for sharing them with me!



  4. I have always wanted to “jump” out of a plane…..and I have witnessed my son do it several times. It looks so easy. Yet I know when it comes to myself….I have to have a push. It is interesting what stirs that “push” within me sometimes…..and being stirred is not always a bad thing….kinda like your jump! ♥


  5. Great post Bonnie. Reminds me of the quote by Brandon Burchard:

    “Of all the things you seek to control in life, it turns out that one of the most important ones is the introduction of new. Not doing so has dramatic repercussions: a bored brain, a restless soul.”


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