I was thinking about something last night…

…and I forgot what it is.

I was laying on my couch, half asleep and half watching an episode of Homeland [thank you Amb from Words Become Superfluous, for the recent addition to my TV lineup!] and an idea came into my mind for a blog post.

Like in many cases, I get the idea from a seemingly unknown corner of my brain [I know, scary, right?] and it starts to take form with words and phrases, but most importantly, a feeling. At least that is how the creative process works for me. Some of the time.

I worked through the the concept and I liked it, felt I could get some traction when I sat down at the keyboard to put some meat on the bones.

I even had some ideas for images I might pair with the words. Like a good Cabernet and some dark chocolate.

Then something unfortunate happened.  Homeland got intense.

Then something mundane happened. I fell asleep.

As I perused a few of my favorite blogs this morning to start my day, it suddenly dawned on me. I had had a blog post idea of my own. I started to get excited to write when I realized,  I was thinking about something night and then I forgot what it is.


It’s gone. Totally gone. Well the frustrating part is not really. It’s not totally gone. If it were totally gone, I’d be in peace, and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But, because I have a tiny remnant of memory that I had had a great idea, it’s driving me crazy that it’s there, but not really. It’s like being blindfolded to hit a pinata. You know that the rainbow colored paper-mache donkey is there, right in front of you and you strike out, here, there, over there, up there, over there , again and again. Wildly. And still, no contact.

I want the idea back as much as the kid with the bat and the blindfold wants the candy.

It could have been about getting an idea to write about. It could have been about the elusiveness of time when you are waiting for something. It could have been about purples horses.

In my fleeting contempt with my suddenly sieve-like brain, I searched for and  found a great article that outlines some strategies to capture the muse and the author writes:

I’m obsessed with the concept of creativity, especially how to capture the muse when she finally shows up to the party (usually, fashionably late).

In my case, the muse showed up when I didn’t know we were having a party. I was a rude host and didn’t invite her in, feed and water her or even give her a seat at the table. Next time I will serve fine wine and smelly cheese, with a pad of paper and a sharpened pencil!

What tricks do you use to remember your best ideas?

Now, what was I going to do next?



28 thoughts on “I was thinking about something last night…

    • That’s a great idea…I usually write things down also, but for some reason, even that escaped me that night. Thanks for being here!


    • I know it! I usually try to get some form of the idea onto paper..this time…not so much! It’s still hovering in some far corner of my brain…but refuses to come out from hiding!


  1. If you’re anything like me, Bonnie, the thought will return to you at a totally random moment. I often find that the steam in the shower loosens things up (or maybe it’s my singing….) 😉


    • Lori – you are right about the shower..I tend to get so many ideas or clear thoughts there, but I haven’t tested it to see if an ‘existing’ idea will come back to me there, let’s hope though! As of today, it’s still out there, floating somewhere just outside the reach my brain!

      PS..I am sure you sound lovely! 😉


  2. I sympathize, I do. It’s Mandy Patinkin’s fault. One look from those twinkling brown eyes (and they do twinkle, even if he is planning elaborate espionage scenarios) and all notions of blogging fly right out of your head. Let me tell you, I have BEEN THERE my friend! 😀


    • Thank you Amb…I knew you would understand! It is his fault, you are totally right, why didn’t I think about that!? I am in GREAT company! Thank you my friend! 😀


  3. This is really frustrating. I do it all the time so I’ve got to write things down and then remember what I wrote it on! I was watching a talk yesterday by Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat. Pray. Love) and she she said she interviewed Tom Waits a few years back and when his muse comes to him and he’s not ready for it he ‘grabs it by the tail’ and tells it to wait until he’s ready to listen. Apparently it works! I’m going to try this from now on 😀


    • Dianne – I love that you were tuned into something about capturing the muse, at the same time! I think that’s a great line, ‘grab it by the tail’ If it works for you, I want to know..for some reason, I can see how I could tell it to wait until I am ready, and that it would listen to me! But then, I am still waiting for the idea to come floating back into my mind….sigh! 😀


  4. Don’t you hate it when you get blogged down? I write down catch phrases accompanied by a drawing of any character types that showed up. Now, if I could remember where I put it down.


    • Haha! Good one JoBro! It’s with your external hard-drive! I like the drawing of characters to accompany the idea…that’s a great idea.


  5. Reminds me of my stream-of-consciousness moments when I decide to let all thought go and see what I come up with only to look up and think “oh, I forgot to defrost some chicken”…;-) I have feeling the thought will return to to you when you least expect it…xox


    • I am hoping you are right..it felt like a fun idea!

      And yes, I know the feeling of which you speak..getting so lost in creative thought that the realities of the moment escape me!

      Clearly, I am good company 🙂 xox


      • Or just getting lost in thinking that I have to pick up some milk when I go to the store and then I look and see Archie destroying some toy and I wonder about how they make them and then I think I’d like to find something indestructible to dogs that would be safe, but the drip in the sink is annoying and I need to call the plumber…what was I thinking again? 😉 xoxo


  6. This reminded me of something that happened yesterday when a woman asked me if I was writing “the great American novel”. I was actually writing a letter, which was how I responded.

    And then so many things came to me after that I could have said. “Isn’t everybody writing the great American novel?”

    It was that moment of “Oh, I wish I had said that,” after it was too late.

    Hate it when that happens….


    • I hate it too,when that happens. 🙂 When I feel like I am so witty – after the moment has passed! I guess the good news is that we eventually come up with the good responses! Thanks for stopping by and commiserating about forgetting!


  7. How frustrating! We’ve all done that, so I try to dash down a word or phrase that will help me recall the whole idea. Problem is, although it does bring the basic idea back to mind it leaves out the substance of what made it so awesome. Duh!


    • I know..so frustrating! 🙂 I will often jot something down, but I think the ‘half asleep’ combined with the distraction of the show totally wiped that from my brain! And you are right..it’s the substance, the essence that is so hard to get back! Thanks!!


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