Professional Be-Bop

Yesterday I was feeling blue, but moving through the day as if, as if all is well. I ran some errands over my lunch hour and had the music playing, loud, to soothe my soul and boost my spirits, as it usually does.

One of my favorite beat inducing artists came on and I found myself tapping my foot lightly, patting the gear shifter, nodding my head just ever so slightly and mumbling-almost-lip-syncing the lyrics – truly a lackluster  attempt to be moved by the music as I drove through town.

Still pondering my mood and it’s source,  I noticed, or rather felt movement, on my left as I pulled up to a stoplight.  The woman in the car in the lane next to mine was simply, rocking out. She was totally jamming to the music!  She was behind the wheel of a fancy black sedan, shiny and well maintained. Without staring, I could tell she was a  professional woman, probably in her 50’s and maybe even early 60’s. Short dark hair nicely done, but not quite coiffed. Styled. Stylish. Yes, I could even tell she was wearing a suit. She looked so well put together. Fancy sunglasses, some highlights in her hair. I promise, I didn’t stare. Or stalk. Or snap.  I really wanted to take a picture and I didn’t.

You can exhale now.

I couldn’t help it; she was really rocking out. Hands in percussion-like movement across the steering wheel and gear shifter, lips moving with the words, body engaged in car-dancing. Completely in tune with the music.


Before I knew it, I was smiling.  My heart lifted, my eyes brightened. I was delighted by her joy, her lightness and her pure enjoyment in the moment.   I was moved by her obvious happiness.  I was actually disappointed when the light turned green and as I drove on past her, I turned and gave her a quick smile; I somehow wanted her to know that her happiness was contagious.   I have no idea what she was listening to, but I decided in that moment that she was grooving along with the same song I was. She just had to be.

As I turned up the stereo a little bit more, it occurred to me how we can make an impact others when we don’t even know it. When we have no idea that others even see us, notice us. We matter.

My professional be-bop lady was happy, she was IN her moment; all she had to do was be happy and I got to benefit.  From that point on my day took on more shades of yellow and much less of the blue.  I wish I could thank her, let her know how much she brightened my day, lifted my spirits and gave me something to smile about.

Have a be-bop kind of day; go ahead and rock out – you just might make someone’s day!  Here is what Bonnie and her Be-bop lady were listening to:



25 thoughts on “Professional Be-Bop

  1. Music has such power to influence our moods and thinking! I am constantly doing that in the car…with my boys! I’m not usually in a suit or well groomed but I’ve decided to not care if someone sees me! I’m getting older and I only have so much time left to rock it, baby!!!


  2. Whoohoo! I know I’m late to the dance party, but I’m rockin’ out anyway. Loved this post! So glad to hear that the beat was able to chase your blues away, Bon. Hope you’re having a great week! xo


    • Amb…there is no time limit or curfew on the dance party…you can join in anytime!! Glad you showed up…and now I know what happened to that lampshade…

      Hope you are having a great week too! xoxo


    • Um, do I MIND that you totally got some groove on and danced? Uh…NO! 🙂 that’s awesome! So fun when the mood strikes and you just gotta bust out dancing. My son and I danced in the living room earlier today in fact! 😀


  3. Awesome story, Bonnie–I could see the whole thing playing out in my mind’s eye, and you’re right–joy is infectious. Hope the remainder of your week is brighter. 🙂 hugs, L


    • Thanks Lori…I am glad you could see it all unfold! It was such a fun moment to experience and then realize it’s lesson for me! The week has improved and to that I say cheers! Hoping you’ve had a great week! xo


  4. Oh hell yeah. And dont’ you know, if she’d looked your way, she’d have flashed the biggest smile ever…that’s just what it does..those moments when we get lost in the music and forget the day to day. Good for her…and good for you for noticing you were looking for the exact same thing.


    • I wish she had looked my way…would be cool to lhave been able to let her know that her rockin’ out made such a great impact on me and my whole day…and look, I am still thinking about it and appreciating her joy. That rocks!


  5. Well….I’m later in the day reading this AND listening…foot tapping and head boppin’….there ya go again, Bon….making my day brighter when I wanted to brighten yours! ♥♥♥ Rock it, girl! You. Got. This.


  6. I wish I could have videoed my reaction to this post, Bonnie. It’s the first thing I’ve read this morning (just took my first sip of coffee) and I started reading this with a frown on my face (oh no, Bonnie had a blue day!) and the further I read I began to grin and then at the end a big smile appeared on my face! 😀 I’ll be bopping today!!! Happiness is so contagious…brilliant! 😉


    • Dianne – you don’t need a video, you described the evolution of your facial expression/reactions just perfectly. I love that this started out your day and put a smile on your face…the be-bop lady has no idea that her happiness has spread all the way to the land down under! How cool is that!? Hope your day has been full of be-bopping around the RUC! 😀


      • I actually did end up dancing around there yesterday afternoon, Bonnie! 😀 I’m heading back out soon to wash walls so I need a bit more be-bop inspiration today 😉


  7. There is little that can be as contagious as seeing someone in a moment of uninhibited delight. And perhaps that was a gift to you when you needed it most – and you had the good sense and sensibility to recognize it. And there is more sunshine ahead BonBon – perhaps some days a few rays, and other days full on sunshine-y glare. Of one thing though there is no doubt – the skies will be bluer than your spirit, for you spirit is far too glorious to do anything other than shine. xoxo


    • Uninhibited..that’s the word I was searching for and was not patient enough to find, but that’s it…she was so uninhibited and it was so fun to see! The timing could not have been better, that’s for sure…it just filled me with a smile. I like the way you think and your confidence in the sunshine-y days on the horizon!! xoxo


  8. I’m going to be-bop in honor of you today

    Tiffany Hoover Actress, Fitness Professional, Mother, Wife, Sister, Friend, Wedding Celebrant, Theologian-almost, Giants Fan, Wine Enthusiast, Volunteer, Animal Lover….


    • Of course you will and you be-bop so well, I have seen you! Rock on my friend, I know you will make someone’s day, and that puts another smile on this face!


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