Forget the Blueprint, Ride the Mechanical Bull

For those of us who really like a plan, and want to know what it is, this is a great reminder to take the side streets, and enjoy the ride. – Bonnie

Truth and Cake

Have you watched the commencement speech Neil Gaiman gave at The University of the Arts last spring? It’s been floating around this week on Upworthy and Facebook and Twitter. If you haven’t, check it out when you have twenty minutes to spare. You can watch or read it here.
The speech is full of many great tid-bits and life lessons, especially for those of us who make art or are freelancers. But this part, near the end of his speech, stopped me dead in my tracks:

When I agreed to give this address, I started trying to think what the best advice I’d been given over the years was.
And it came from Stephen King twenty years ago, at the height of the success of Sandman. I was writing a comic that people loved and were taking seriously. King had liked Sandman and my novel with…

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