I dream of jewel beads and mopped floors…

Here’s to all the moms…

May your day be filled with jewel beads, clean counters and tidy rooms.

And if not, perhaps a lovely mess filled with love and laughter!

To the Mom’s – what has been one of your favorite, or most ‘memorable’ gifts over the years?

And to the rest of us ‘kids’, is there a gift you remember being so excited or proud to give to your mom?

Happy Mother’s Day!



15 thoughts on “I dream of jewel beads and mopped floors…

    • I agree Debbie…they are so creative and so hilarious! Be fun to have dinner with those families sometime. Glad you stopped by and glad you enjoyed! 🙂


  1. Good morning my lovely! Just wanted to let you know that you were the inspiration behind today’s post over at Words Become Superfluous: http://wp.me/p2myYW-Wk Thanks as always for your wonderful words, Bon! Hope you and the kiddo have a great weekend, xo.


    • Good evening dear friend! How awesome is that…I read a newspaper article, send it over to you and next thing I know, it’s a super fantastic blog post! Love it…and great minds think alike..look for name in my next post!! Happy Friday, happy weekend Amb! xox


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