Time Warped

Between my real life and my reading life, It’s been a whirlwind of a time travel tour over the last week.

Since last Saturday, I have been fashion forward here in 2013 , fashion backward trying to pass as Laura Ingalls [or more realistically, her mother], and a little of everywhere in between.

Come with me, won’t you?

Just a little jaunt through time…

…Saturday:  I tried on and picked up our costumes for my son’s class trip to what is known as Sutter’s Fort where we would spend the day [and for the kids, overnight] living as if we were in the year 1846. Yes, really.


Sutter’s Fort. Life in 1846.

…Sunday: I co-hosted a clothing trunk-show party;  fashion forward fun with 12 lovely ladies and shopping in my friend’s living room for unique items to add my to my 2013 wardrobe. Like this coral trench that I simply could not say no to. Could not. My wallet says ouch, but I say heck yes.


That top under the trench? Yep. That too. Ouch!

…Sunday evening: I begin reading Austenland, set in Regency England; where a single 30-something [Jane!] embarks on a 3 week trip to the Disney-equivalent of Jane Austen’s world – an English resort catering to Austen-obsessed women –  dialect, dress and daily routine and of course the quintessential, yet ever elusive [right?], search for Mr. Darcy. I am of course, fully immersed in Jane’s immersion experience and must remember who and where I am.



…Monday evening: Out with one of my girlfriends, to a modern hip spot in our downtown, having Margaritas on a Monday. Why not?  And then a little more of Austenland as I drift off to dreamland, sigh..

2013-05-20 19.15.34

Yes, they tasted as good as they look. I think I want it to be Monday again.

…Tuesday. All Day: I looked like this. But, I did smile. A lot. My son is a 4th grader and much of the year has been spent studying CA history.  The end of the year culminating experience was a day and night in 1846 at Sutter’s Fort. Parents were into it as much as the kids, everyone assuming the role of early CA settlers. Food was made in a fire, after the folks in the kitchen made the fire, of course. Butter was churned, yarn spun, bonnets donned, lunches wrapped in bandannas,  cameras called boxes, and purchases made with ‘gold’.  And photos with no smiles; ‘the way they did it back then, mom”.

2013-05-21 12.33.55

Who knew that Ma Ingalls knew General Jose Castro?!
I am thinking that I’d rather be wearing the coral trench right about now…


These kids know how to ride in style…horse drawn wagons from school to the fort.

…Wednesday:  A day off from school, to recoup and regroup. My kiddo and I became one with the couch and our modern-day electronic devices. Him the laptop and me the Kindle. It felt good to be back in 2013, but we both actually miss the dusty mess and one-of-a-kind excitement of the 1846 experience.   I finished up with Jane and no, no spoilers if she finds her Mr. Darcy or not. You will just have to do a little time traveling on your own to find out.

Too tired to cook, the kiddo and I walked to dinner and while waiting for our food, we realize it’s trivia night at the sandwich spot we chose.  Not playing, but listening along to the questions, we both responded to Q12: Who discovered gold at Sutter’s Fort?  Really.

…Thursday: I resumed reading a book I had started before dashing off to Austenland; The Gods of Heavenly Punishment.  This is a story in the genre of historical fiction, and set in Japan and Utah during World War II.  Where am I?!?

…Friday:  My profession is in academia and today we sent off nearly 1000 of our students into the world.  They have left the safe, if demanding, ivory tower and are now headed directly into their own amazing futures.  Truly, new, exciting and perhaps daunting times lay ahead for them. One day in sweats, the  next day in suits. I imagine they will feel some kind of time warp also…

…and here we are, back to Saturday: While it has not yet happened – [ and there I go again, warping time for myself ] – the plan is to once again step back in time and go see The Great Gatsby.  What shall I wear…the apron or the trench!?

When I wake up on Sunday, will someone please send me an email or a text and remind me what year it is? And what to wear.

I don’t know about you, but I really think it’s time for more margaritas, a little present-day serum.  Monday feels like a lifetime, if not at least a half a century, ago!  I was realizing, that if I were Amb from Words Become Superfluous, I could do a post on My Life as a Movie and it could be Back to the Future or Blast from the Past.  🙂

What era would you choose to get lost in, if you could pick just one?



21 thoughts on “Time Warped

    • We had such a great time…a memorable experience! Oh to be Scarlett O’Hara..THAT would be something, wouldn’t it! So glad you stopped by! 🙂


    • Hi Liz! I keep meaning to hang out more over at your place…once school is out!? Or will that just make things crazier!? The trench just arrived! And it’s been so hot out and I have to exchange for a different size..so, not yet!! But soon! Ok…see you on the flip [your] side soon! Cheers, Bonnie


  1. I really enjoyed this post. 🙂

    I think going back and forth in time must be a fun way to experience the week…. I mean I imagine when you come back, you have truly renewed gratitude for your trench and all modern conveniences.

    You know, if I had to pick an era to go back to, I believe I’d pick the Victorian times…

    Thanks again for your post and have a great day,


    • Hi…and thank you! 😀 It was fun when I realized I had been in and out of so many ‘periods’ in such a short time, so I had to have a little fun with it!

      How fun, to go back to the Victorian era…the dresses and homes would be fun to experience!

      Thanks for being here…enjoy your weekend


  2. Darling….I just returned from the devastation of Moore, Oklahoma….I just “toasted” you with two margaritas…..so no more words because I probably cannot spell. 😉 Just many reflections on what we have seen….and hope for so many. ♥ hugs


    • Oh friend..how are you doing? You must be exhausted from worry and travels and work. I have been following your whereabouts…and a bit belated, a very happy anniversary to you! You two are fantastic! Cheers to the margaritas …amen sister! xo


      • While we are grieving for all in the devastated area….we are so grateful that we are able to work our butts off and help my folks and their neighbors. We were extended so much help and kindness from total strangers….so very blessed. hugs and CHEERS!


    • Hi…thanks so much! Some days it’s lighthearted, some days it’s a little heavier. It all just depends on what’s working its way through my heart and brain on any given day. Thanks for being here, and thanks for the link back on your post about confidence. I agree with you – act as if you have it and it comes… well put!


  3. What an amazing week you’ve had, Bonnie. You took me back in time and then returned me safely home again. I absolutely love that trench coat – definitely wear it to see The Great Gatsby! 😀


    • Dianne..so glad you could come with me on my little adventure! I can’t wait for the trench to arrive…Gatsby got postponed, so maybe now I can wear the trench..great idea! 😀


  4. Such a fun, creative post, Bonnie! Whatever era you’re in, you’re charming, and drop dead gorgeous in that trench coat (fabulous!) and that snappy shirt too! Wishing you a relaxing weekend, whatever slice of time you spend it in…. 🙂


    • Thanks Lori! You are so sweet…I WISH I rocked it like that…but that model sure does a fabulous job convincing a purchase [or two!]. Long weekend was lovely..and relaxing…and I hope the same is true for you! xo


  5. And nowhere in this week was there mention of the word ‘sleep’!! Which I hope you can catch up on during this long weekend. You and Ben rock the ‘serious’ look- just need a little sepia in the image..:-) Happy you’re back in this era honey, though I would have loved to see you dressed a la Austen!! xox


    • I am glad to be back in present day too! Funny, I have a sepia tone version – my brother had the same idea, lifted the image from here and re-worked it..will send to you for grins and giggles.

      Oh to dress a-la-Austen would be dreamy. I just drool over all the lovely dresses when I am watching an episode of Downton Abbey – just gorgeous! xo


  6. Bon!! Your week sounds amazing … and exhausting … and amazing!! For the record, I think you look gorgeous no matter what you’re wearing – but oh my yes that trench coat is FABULOUS!! Definitely worth the splurge 🙂

    Will happily send you an email on Sunday, but it won’t be about your wardrobe, it will be to hear all about Gatsby! I still haven’t seen it and will be so curious to hear what you think. I loved what the director did with Romeo and Juliet and am waiting with bated breath to see what he does with this classic!

    Thanks for the lovely shout out! Back to the Future definitely works for you this week 🙂


    • Amb…glad you went on a little time travel with me here! It was a crazy amazing week, I think I might still be recovering!

      I regret to report that I did not travel back in time to Gatsby – plans changed and that’s on hold for another night. Sigh. So, for now, I truly am Back to the Future [except for the hours I immerse myself in Downton Abbey of course!].

      Isn’t that trench fab? I cannot wait for it to arrive – next week I think! Thank you for supporting my frivolous expenditure! 🙂



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