Find Your Thing

ben pitching2.1

To Satch
Samuel Allen

Sometimes I feel like I will never stop
Just go on forever
I’m gonna reach up and grab me a handfulla stars
Swing out my long lean leg
And whip three hot strikes burnin’ down the heavens
and look over at God and say,
How about that!

Joe DiMaggio called Satchel Paige “the best and fastest pitcher I’ve ever faced”. His pitching was amazing and his showboating was legendary. His career highlights span five decades. Pronounced the greatest pitcher in the history of the Negro Leagues, Paige compiled such feats as 64 consecutive scoreless innings.

the pitcher2

This is the kid who didn’t want to pitch this season. First year in AAA/kid pitch division of Little League. This is the kid who who got seven strikeouts in 2 innings in one of his games, six in another and more games just like that. This is the kid who showed me how he can fight his way back from walking three batters and hitting the next, only to strike out the next three.

This kid, with that look in his eye. Alone on the mound, pitch after pitch, the game resting in his glove, his elbow, his brain. His eyes. His confidence.

Yes, I am proud. Of course I am proud, I am his mother, so pride is a given. But it dawned on me, it goes so much deeper than that. I get it now, what my own mother said to me so many times growing up, ‘find your thing’.

Proud, yes, of course. Absolutely.

But it is knowing, by that look in his eye, and watching him fight back after a few bad throws and seeing him focus; knowing that he knows what my own mama knew. I don’t have to tell him. He’s got it.

Me:    So, what do you think about when you are on the mound, ready to throw?

Him:  Nothing.

Me:    No, really, what do you think about out there on the mound?

Him:  Just getting the ball into the glove.

This is the kid who said he didn’t want to pitch this season.

I never rush myself. See, they can’t start the game without me. – Satchel Paige



26 thoughts on “Find Your Thing

  1. Oh my goodness, I love everything about this post. The photos, Satchel’s quote, your conversation with the kiddo … fabulous, all of it! Plus that poem just makes my word-nerd heart swoon. I love the rhythm of those words! So glad to see you back in the blogsphere my friend, you’ve been missed! xo


    • Oh my goodness, I love everything about this comment! Love that you appreciate the poem – I found a book of baseball poems at our library, and we’ve been reading a few at bedtime reading and when I came across that one, the post came into my head! I am always here, just never know when I will pop up with something. Inspiration takes its own sweet time apparently! 🙂 xox


  2. Wonderful story, Bonnie, and so lovely to see the look on a person’s face when he is transported to that special place. You have every right to be proud–he’s a beautiful kid. 🙂


    • Hi Lori…happy Saturday…and thank you for your perfect comment. You are right, that look – of total focus and being so in the zone – on anyone’s face is amazing!! 🙂


  3. Ben and his mama…’get the ball in the glove’…isn’t that the best life lesson? Get it over the plate and find the sweet spot. The echo of the ball as it hits the catcher’s mitt in just the right place. You can hear it, you know it instinctively. And if the metaphor can be continued just a bit longer – he will throw thousands of pitches in his life, and it’s moving past the lousy ones and sustaining one’s purpose that is key. He’s an amazing boy with an amazing mom. xox


    • The best of life lessons..and I love how he figured out a way to make his mama happy with an answer other than “nothing”, although my brother helped me understand that nothing is something {JoBro below…}. He’s a cool kid, that is for sure and teaches me such great lessons just about every day. Have a bad throw [day], just throw again [start over tomorrow]. Just keep moving forward, keep your eye on the ball! xoxo amazing friend.


    • Thank you Dianne! I was so late in getting my camera out this season…I am glad I caught that look of concentration, it sums up the season so well. I am happy he’s had this experience, it will always be with and a part of him!


  4. seems we have a mutual friend in amb, so I wanted to come on over and introduce myself 🙂 Hi, my name is Liz and I hit follow on your blog a few weeks back, but for whatever reason haven’t seen any in my feed. Ah well. Good to catch up here a bit. Especially loved when you caught that lady “dancing” in her car. Great thought to carry around for sure.

    Love that your son has found something he enjoys and does well. My girls are 10 and 7 and am waiting for some of those moments. I know I wouldn’t be able to hit anything your boy throws.

    Final notes: your trench (and the shirt underneath) are AMAZING and what fun that color will be to wear. And you seem to pull off the other end of the spectrum very well. Pioneer Woman meets Lara Croft. Also, I was out with a friend for margaritas the same night you were out with a friend for margaritas. So it’s almost like we’ve had drinks together–haha.

    Enjoying your way with words–you are gifted writer.


    • HI Liz! I am so glad you are here, so fun and thank you for the kind comment! Yes, we have a mutual friend in Amb and isn’t that just one of the many great things about this blogging community. Your comment conversation on her last post was fantastic…I couldn’t help but ‘eavesdrop’! I love that you saw the post about the lady dancing in her car – she was fantastic and I think of her often, her energy so contagious!

      I remember my mom always commenting about finding something – she never got to meet my son, and I love that he’s found something he’s good at and enjoys – she would be proud.

      Ahhh! I love that you get it on the trench! I can’t wait to wear it – it arrives this weekend! Total splurge but the color, oh that color just pulled me in, you make me laugh with your thoughts on my Pioneer Woman get up and fantastic serendipity on the Monday Margaritas! We did have drinks together!

      I am looking forward to getting to know you through your blog soon!


  5. That photo is going in my Friends & Family file. You caught the moment in that one…you can see it in his eyes. And when he tells you he’s not thinking about anything…that’s the best answer because he’s not. He is in the ZONE! Thinking messes you up (walked batters). Ok, Bonnie, let me explain it this way. When you snapped that photo of Ben pitching, were you thinking when you pressed the shutter? Everything comes together in that picture in his eyes…the decisive moment when you got THE shot. You don’t think your way into that kind of great result. Serendipity-doo for you and Hum-buddy-kid for Ben!


    • We talked already, but I totally appreciate your comment, and your analogy works perfectly! When i get the rare shot, you are right, I am not thinking, I am just in the moment. Or, as you say, in the ZONE! I love that you totally appreciate this photo of your nephew! And yes, it’s all in the eyes!


  6. Love this- the simplicity of Ben’s replies which are so wise w/o even trying. I love the fact that you are taking time to reflect on the lovely and simple yet extraordinary grace-filled moments in life, Bon xo luv ya


    • I agree, the beauty of this is in the simplicity of his thinking, responses. We can all learn, I suppose, from what can come when we stop, be in the moment and focus and follow our instincts. xoxo…love you too.


  7. Oh….this warms my heart more than you can know. To be all alone out there….so much pressure (!)….I am so very proud of him. Proud for you. Okay…tell him he DOES get candy again. 😉 hugs ♥


    • Does he have to share that candy with his mama? 😀 I know, out there with everyone waiting, watching. so much pressure. I love watching him, with that look in his eye! Thank you friend…and I hope you are safe and sound! xo


      • My youngest played point guard … could see the determination in his eyes. I never tired of watching him. Enjoy every moment. And when the outcome might not be what he wants….don’t say anything….just listen. 😉

        You can have some candy too!!! (one more round of storms this afternoon….then hopefully a more peaceful June!)


        • Got it, just listen. Noted…and totally get it 🙂
          Did you see my brother’s comment with his analogy between Ben pitching and me getting a shot with my camera? Brilliant!
          Mmm…more candy! Yay!! Stay safe and ok over there in OK!! Thinking about you friend! xo


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