When things are new, and in transition,  one might be reminded of  a chalkboard.  One that has boasted messages and lessons of days gone by, and then erased over and over again to make room to teach new lessons, inspire new ideas and challenge the students’ ways of thinking.

Transitions are an opportunity to begin, but from this point, this moment.

Not all over again.


To wipe the slate clean, so to speak, would be fruitless wouldn’t it?

There should always remain the dust of important lessons learned.



16 thoughts on “Chalkdust

  1. Funny you should write about transitions and newness, as has been true with my work-life. I just had an encounter with the most unique Lyft vehicle (ridesharing) in the fleet, a chalkboard car. Sending pics direct via FB. Happy chalk dust.


    • Awesome connect – love it and can’t wait to see the photos! We have both had our fair share of transition, change and ambiguity, yes? Laughing, yes, happy chalk dust – we do have to be able to laugh at our own mistakes and foibles along the way!


  2. Chalkboards remind me of one lesson in particular which required me to learn it over and over by writing it at least one hundred times per offense: “I will not talk in class unless I am called on. I will not talk in class unless…” Chalkboards remind me of not understanding math equations, scientific theories, chemistry formulations. Chalkboards spelled out my shame as a struggling student and erasers could only wipe at its surface, but still remained etched in my young mind. Revisiting those memories with loving awareness and sifting through the dust of shame has not wiped the slate clean, but it has nevertheless rewritten the lessons I misinterpreted as a child and turned them into gifts of understanding, compassion, and acceptance. I have recovered the courage to face chalkboards and plan to make a lot of new dust. Now if they could just make them not screech so I don’t get the dreaded heebie jeebies.


    • JoBro…great comment and really appreciate your whole different take on the chalkboard/chalk dust. You always bring a unique and insightful perspective and articulate it so well with your words.

      I can relate to what you shared {Mr. Chen in Algebra and Mr. Bresslauer in Chem ring any bells??}.

      Your perspective is fantastic, being able to now see the misinterpretations from an earlier time and being able to turn them into, as you say, understanding, compassion and acceptance. Go make some dust JoBro!!


    • Dianne..I know what you mean! Looking for the traces of the words or symbols of what was there before it was erased, and what it meant. Yes! xo


    • Amb…thank you, thank you! ! I really appreciate hearing’s one day at a time, one step at a time and all the encouragement is totally appreciated. But YOU already knew that! xo


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