These Summer Nights

A summer evening, talking with neighbors. A summer evening with popsicles and story time on the porch. Yes, these summer nights.


Have I mentioned that I love summer?

Because I do.


Hands down.

 There is just more time in the day and less pressure this time of year.

That’s a great combination.

Easy dinners with corn on the cob, big red tomatoes and fresh basil.

Popsicles on the porch.

And evening walks and scooter rides.  I could get used to this.

I told my son yesterday that we are in the sweet spot of summer.

“What’s that?” he asked.

I explained that summer is here, it’s ready to be enjoyed and still early enough to savor all the summer that is still to come.

It still seems like a long time before it’s over.

Kind of like this.

Here It Comes
Here comes summer
Here comes summer
Chirping Robins, budding roses
Here comes summer
Here comes summer
Gentle showers, summer clothes
Here comes summer
Here comes summer
Whoosh-shiver there it…

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8 thoughts on “These Summer Nights

    • Hi there! I spent a couple of hours reading today too..and actually finished a book for once! I am so happy for you – that you had some relaxing summer day time to spend with a book. Hope there are more days like that for you on summer’s horizon!! 🙂


  1. Sounds lovely, Bonnie 🙂 I have huge summertime envy, though, as our house is a crazy zoo no matter what the season or time of day. How to achieve that popsicle storytime porch thing you write of? poetry!


    • Liz…thank you..and yes, it is 🙂 There is a special cadence or pace to our summers and it is like poetry in some ways. I work in education, so my year takes ups and downs with the school year, and this is my quietest time of the year at work, by far, and thankfully, the summer routine at home is easily managed for me. Last night it was popsicles and stories and a late summertime bedtime. It just happened…and must happen again and again and again. Put it on your calendar if you have to 🙂


  2. You should re-post this every summer…it elicits a smile, the gentle nod of agreement and a satisfied sigh as we sit back and enjoy this very very sweet time…xox


    • Mims..that’s what I am thinking. 🙂 I found myself having the same thoughts, reactions, and knew I couldn’t say it any differently or any better than last. So here we are! And that’s part of summer we can rely on it to bring us some of the same goodness every year. Hope you are sitting back and relaxing today. xo


    • Exactly! Though some will put Fall before summer..and it’s indeed a close second, but I am a summer girl, through and through. Enjoy!


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