What’s Her Story?

Sometimes, you just want to know someone’s story.  The real story. The whole story.  For example, this grandma. I would LOVE to know her story.

This weekend I will be celebrating my father’s 93rd birthday, and I am sure there will be stories to follow.  While he can still play a mean harmonica, this lovely lady sure spices it up on the drums.

Rock on my friends, have a wonderful weekend!



26 thoughts on “What’s Her Story?

  1. I saw this over the weekend too and just loved it!! She’s a trooper and clearly konws how to wield those sticks..Hope your dad had a lovely birthday!!! xox, m


  2. she had to have in a band! Great clip. Happy bday to your dad–what a wonderful day to celebrate. Enjoy 🙂 p.s. will there be cake? 😉


    • Hi Liz…good thought, perhaps she was in a band! Maybe all of us can write her story!! 🙂 I am hoping the video goes viral enough so that it gets some attention and we can learn more about her!

      Thanks for the bday greetings…I am not sure if there will be cake, I bet there will be. My brother is handling most of the logistics, I will know tonight! I will report back on the birthday shenanigans of a 93 yr old! Hope you are having a great weekend!


  3. Oh for crying out loud. How adorable is she?!? I love this video !!! Where did you find it, Bon? You have such a knack for finding the most wonderful things online … I can’t wait to hear the stories about this weekend’s birthday celebrations! Have an amazing time, and wish your dad a happy birthday from me! xoox


    • I know, right!! Amazing little lady. Something came across one of my feeds today and I just knew immediately that I needed to share, and well with my own dad turning over another year, well, it seemed fitting. I realy really would love to know what her real story is…where did she learn to play like that!?

      I will report back from the geriatric ward, hoping for at least one good story to share! I will bring your greetings with me and share them gladly! xoxo


    • HI Dianne…

      Thanks! I hope you have a lovely weekend also. It will be good to see the young man! Isn’t she something? What got me is that she apparently just walked in to the music store and started playing..no one knew her story, but clearly she’s got one! Happy weekend my friend..though, yours has begun! 🙂


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