Tickle My Fancy Friday

Human beings are multifaceted jewels.
We have many important dimensions to our being.
These include the physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and the spiritual.
Seek your perfection in all of these together, and neglect none.
Seek balance and harmony in all aspects of yourself.

Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya

If we are doing it right, we are inspired, tickled and engaged with a variety of things over the course of a day. or week or month. When we find what resonates with various parts of ourselves, we respond with an out-loud-laugh, a sigh, a wide-open mouth, a hand on the chin, big bright eyes. All of which say yes to some part of ourselves, parts that need to be visited, touched, moved and honored.  It is what brings joy, peace and a  sense of place to our lives.  Enjoy a few of the moments that brought a response ranging from a nod of my head to an out loud laugh…



Using digital techniques, photographer Jackson Patterson blends his own photographs with images found in old family albums.

Born and raised in Arizona, photographer Jackson Patterson has always been fascinated with the beauty of the desert and the general lifestyle of people in the American West. Recollected Memories is a series of photomontage images that were inspired by this passion for that landscape visually blended together with his larger family history. For more of these amazing, creative and stunning images, click here



I need both…



What would you like to say?

It’s nearly impossible to know when you’ll be moved by something; when something will impact you in such a way that you feel inspired and driven to take on the world….

The Things You Would Have Said has been an unbelievable and uplifting experience, and I couldn’t have started it without first allowing my surroundings to affect me. If I could pass on one lesson I’ve learned, among many, it would be this: let the world ignite something inside of you. Be open to the emotions that surface. Why are you angry? What about this makes you cry? Are you being called to action? Instead of minimizing those answers, embrace them. Be the courageous individuals that you are and use that spark to do good, to change lives, and to make the world a little bit easier to manage for everyone in it. What an honor, right?!   Jackie Hooper is the creator of The Things You Would Have Said project and book. Visit www.wouldhavesaid.com and buy the book here.


PB & J 2.0

PB & J 2.0

In case you are wondering [admit it, you know you are! ]

Rows: Strawberry jam, Honey, Marshmallow fluff.
Columns: Peanut butter, Nutella, Cookie butter.



998201_597091656998363_1252463243_n (1)

Perhaps this is also true with our loved ones…

So, What tickles your fancy?

What gets you to take a double-take?

What gets your heart to smile?



34 thoughts on “Tickle My Fancy Friday

    • Never late, Lori, the party is open all the time, and you are always welcome! Can I get you a Manhattan, or Martini, or Scotch on the Rocks? 😉

      So glad you liked this..thanks! xo


  1. Kindness and mischief…this made me giggle 🙂
    The book….now I am hooked and must read more!
    (I read Harold Fry at your recommendation…..loved it)
    Wonderful and thoughtful post, Bon Bon ~ hugs ♥ (I always love your posts, ya know?!?!?)


  2. this is awesome! you’re right, there’s a balance we need to look for to be content. You’ve put out some lovely examples.

    That sandwich, for instance–wow! Is that something your dad made or did you find it online? That is so much fun–and there’s even math involved, haha.

    Am going to try to remember this post as an acronym: BEIWF 😀

    The Faith piece is especially nice, too. Wise words–reminds me a bit of what you had said about your visit to your dad.

    It’s all good Bonnie, all very good.


    • Ok, it’s late but I’m stumped. BEIWF?? You must decode, please! 🙂

      Oh my dad did not make that sandwich…Would be so great if so, but it was one of the things I noticed over the week that just made me laugh and enjoy the humor all around us, if we stop long enough to notice.

      Yes, the faith piece….resonated on a few levels for me…

      So glad you liked this!!


        • Oh, I still would not have gotten it, even if you hadn’t mixed up the E and the I..so no worries, but yesssss. now I see it! Perfect, and yes, that’s a good acronym to keep close at hand…all those things are so important!


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