Summer Bloggin’ Road Trip 2013!

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Last summer, I had more fun than I ever anticipated taking a summer bloggin’ road trip all over the grand ol’ U.S. of A.  I met Kate of A Creative Cookie in Arizona, Paula at Stuff I Tell My Sister in Oklahoma, Becc of TrueBlog! in Louisiana, then headed north to Virginia to hang out with Gwen at The Bold Abode, and meet Mimi of  Waiting for the Karma Truck. I made my way as far north as New Hampshire and concluded my trip with Pam of Mercantile Muse.  It was a fabulous adventure and I learned so many great things, not only about those parts of the country, but also about my very gracious hosts!

last stop2

So, I could not let this summer go by without another bloggin’ road trip! But, I am going to do things a little differently this year. Not so virtual and a lot more real. Well, for me at least.

This summer, I am really getting in my car and heading for the highway. I have the best traveling companion around; he doesn’t even mind my singing, and we love to jam to the same tunes.  The only downside? This guy is a total back-seat driver. Well, only because CA law requires that individuals under the age of 12 ride in the backseat and you guessed it, my side-kick for PaperKeeper’s Summer Bloggin’ Roadtrip 2013 is none other than The Kiddo.

We are taking it CA Dreamin’ style and you are all invited to ride along!  We’re taking the Triumph out on the open road again, the stereo and tires are all tuned up.

blogtrip 2013

We are ready to Rock and ready to Roll…zoom zoom

We shove off soon and will be updating you with our travel adventures along the way, mobile style. I will be posting from my phone and bringing you along for the ride virtually.  All we ask is that you bring good snacks [we LOVE cherry sours and Pringles!] and good tunes.

But, that’s not it…there is more fun to be had…

Sure, you can kick it in the back seat with The Kiddo, or ride shotgun with me, but I challenge you to play along with CA Dreamin’ Travel Trivia!  Along the way, questions will be posted and each question will be worth a certain number of points! The person who earns the most points, wins! Actual prizes! CA swag of course! The prizes will be items found along the way as we roll on down the highway.   When we get home, The Kiddo and I will review all the answers, and tally up the points and announce the winners! Yes, winners, plural.  You will be competing for first and second prize, and a random draw for a third prize among  those who jump in and play!  You know you want some CA swag…just go ahead and admit it now…


Buckle up, settle in and let’s hit the road!

So, pack  your virtual suitcase and if you want an easy peasy bonus entry in CA Dreamin’ Travel Trivia,  leave a comment with a song we should add to our RTSL:  Road Trip Song List! (3 pts!)

Cheerio mates, see you out on the open road!

roadtrip signature


39 thoughts on “Summer Bloggin’ Road Trip 2013!

    • Thanks Tobi – I am totally looking forward to the adventure. We shall see what we come up with along the way! If you are riding along, sing loud and bring extra cherry sours! 🙂


  1. A W E S O M E !!!! Can’t wait to see what fun you can get into.
    The kiddo may not appreciate this one….but here ya go

    King of the Road by Roger Miller…ahhhhhh

    love ya


    • Liz!!

      Thanks- totally looking forward to this little adventure! You ate all of your cherry sours?!? What, how could you?! 🙂

      Soooo glad you are along for the ride – will be fun to have you with us!

      I love both of those songs! I just added the Noah & The Whale to my RTSL but I can’t find the Beep Beep one on Google Play. I will have to cue it on YouTube to play – The Kiddo and I HAVE To learn all the words to that!

      Zoom zoom…


      • was going to write back and say I bought it on google play. First heard it while watching my daughters ride bumper cars–it was on the ride’s soundtrack–and had it purchased and downloaded before we were at the next ride 🙂 I like how it starts out slow, then speeds up. The video clip I linked isn’t an official video–just someone’s cartoon version.

        Is that really your car and license plate? Oh, LP is photoshopped in–I get it 🙂


        • It’ a great song…fun and fast and lots of words!! I can see it now, The Kiddo and I competing to get the lyrics down. Maybe I will get a head start and practice first! Ha!

          Ohhhhh. I so wish that was really my car! Some day’s on my ‘list’ or at least something close to it. I saw that car one day and took a dozen photos because it was love at first sight. It’s perfect for my bloggin’ road trips!! And yes, photoshopped in the license plate, to protect the innocent and have a little fun. But, we must admit, blogging is a trip and would that not be a great licence plate!?


  2. She’s So Mean- Matchbox 20
    Everybody Wants To Rule the World- Tears For Fears
    When Can I See You Again- Owl City
    Rock Lobster- B52s


    • Hey Tiff! Awesome song choices, thank you! Are those all the ones we talked about the other night? I might have to give you double bonus points! 🙂 xo


  3. Bon !!! I am SO EXCITED for this road trip I can’t even tell you !!! Oh, you and the kiddo are going to have the biggest blast !!! Thanks in advance for taking me along for the ride …. for song choices, let’s see … I’m guessing you already have the Pentatonix cover of “Radioactive” on there … so how about some Maroon 5? In keeping with your sunny CA theme:


    • Amb!! Yay!! I am sooo glad you are buckled up and ready to roll with The Kiddo and I – you’re gonna love it!! 🙂

      Yes, Radioactive is ON the list, for sure. and now, so is this song by M5…love it. You’ve got your bonus entry locked down!



    • Yay is right..I WISH we were going cross country, but for now, just some CA Dreamin’. Some day, though, some day, I will definitely hit the open road and take it over the hills and through the woods!! xoxo


  4. Yeah! So excited, Bonnie! I first stumbled across you and your fabulous blog when you visited Mimi last year. Can’t wait to see what you and The Kiddo discover this year. Fun! :-). Xo, l


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