Happy Hues

Over a year ago, I learned about The Color Run, and I was hooked, immediately!  I started following the Facebook feed for The Color Run and when I saw that it was coming to the city where I live, I sent out an email to several of my friends, saying, “We should do this! Who’s in?  A few responses later and a few of us had signed up.  Well, months later when the day arrived, one of us had moved out of town, one was on vacation, and the other, well her husband broke his leg while taking their kids ice skating.  That left me and one other, who now had a back injury. Getting old is not for the weak!

So, my friend T and I made it and we are now Color Runners!  She was a total trooper and rode her bike to save her back;  I ran and we successfully matched our pace and had a colorful great time.  The Color Run is billed as “The happiest 5k on earth” and I believe it! It was a great experience and when people are expected to be happy, and covered in color and surrounded by fantastic music, well, it just brings out HAPPY!


A very happy experience!

The Color Run is an event series and 5k paint race that takes place in United States, South America, Europe and Australia. The untimed event has no winners or prizes, but runners are showered with colored powder at stations along the run. It has therefore become the largest five-kilometer event series in the United States. In 2013,  The Color Run will hold events in over 130 cities in the United States, South America, Europe and Australia.  Runners begin dressed in clean white t-shirts, and pass through a color station once every kilometer. Each color station is associated with a different color, with volunteers blasting the runners with dyed cornstarch out of spray bottles. Runners complete the course covered in the safe and colorful powder. At the finish line following the run, there are typically celebrations featuring a dance party .


T & I and thousands of our happiest closest friends, ready to get the party, um, race, started!

The people watching was off-the-charts fun! The hair. The socks. The shoes. The tu-tus. Oh the tu-tus! I think I love a man who can rock a tu-tu. Even if just on his socks!

tcr collage 2

I loved the color stations, where as you run through, race volunteers bombard each runner with color. There is a haze of blue, orange, yellow, pink and with each station, each runner is painted in more and more color. It’s just fun!


Bizarre and fun.


I overheard one guy say, ‘they should flavor this suff!’


This felt like being on the moon. Because, of course I know what that’s like!

But the most fun?

The finish festival.

Happy People.

Great Music.

A race completed.

Color. Loads of Color.





What you won’t see are the photos of T and I at the very end; we looked like we had been through a war zone. We stopped at a Starbucks on the way home, and lets just say that being covered in paint is a great conversation starter!  A 35 minute power shower and an afternoon nap later, I was quite happy!

Put some color into your life…today!  What’s your color? Me? Hands down, it’s orange!



29 thoughts on “Happy Hues

    • Hi Mims…definitely one big dose of HAPPY! I kept that happy tattoo on until this morning, it was such a fun conversation starter everywhere I went! xoxo


  1. That was such a blast Bon! Awesome job on the blog post! Thx for inviting me. Can’t wait to do it again next year. Hopefully without a bike even though it sure was fun riding.


    • So much fun T..we have to do that again next year, and now that we are in the know, we can be on the lookout for socks and tu-tus! Bike or no bike, it all just worked out so great and so fun to do with you!


  2. We have it in the Netherlands as well! It’s called Colours By The Sea then, since you run near the coast 🙂 I didn’t participate but some of my friends did and I saw some photos of them… It looked amazing! 😉 Glad you had fun ^^


    • Hi there! I love that you are in the Netherlands! When I was in high school, we had a student come and be part of our school as an exchange student from the Netherlands…his name was Per and he was such a great person. I’ve always remembered him all these years! He represented your country so well.

      I bet your Colours by the Sea run is amazing, and beautiful! 🙂


    • Hi Liz!

      Yes, The Color Shuffle is an apt description…it was definitely not 5k of solid running. Stopping for color, avoiding others, taking photos, all of that, but loved it! I LOVE that idea of a Glow Run…HOW COOL!! Yes, you do dare! I wish I could do it with you!!! I want to see photos when you do that, ok??? Ok, good!!

      So, you are a runner too?? I love to run but have gotten out of the habit lately, and need to re-introduce that into my weekly routine soon!


      • I enjoy working out, but it’s not always running. Also bike, hit the gym, etc. A lot like what you do from what you’ve said. Will take pix and send if I’m in the Glow Run 🙂


  3. My color is green…with envy. Moveable/moving art. The photos look like you used different colored filters. Surreal. Very cool, my born again pagan sib.


    • Oh it was a photographers dream – the opportunities for photos were endless. I took all the photos with my phone in a zip loc baggie…the only ‘filters’ were the plastic and haze and dust!!! Laughing…yes, your born again pagan sib. You do have a way with words…!!


    • Thanks Dianne! Great that it’s made its way to your part of the world. The young guys who started this are amazing and on to something good!


    • Tiff…just yesterday! Such a cool thing – do the SF one if you can. Not sure of the date, or if it’s passed already. But a great experience.


  4. I’m signed up for my first Color Run in October and I can’t wait! Ever since Rian posted about her experience on Truth and Cake, I waited and waited until one finally came to my area, got on the VIP list, and was one of the first to sign up. What a fun way to exercise!

    It looks like you had a splendidly colorful time, Bonnie. Here’s to the next one!


    • Jessica! Yay, I am so happy for you, you will love it! It was a fantastic experience for sure and hope to do more in the future. Here’s a couple of tips: put your phone/camera in a baggie/saran wrap, bring a towel for the ride home, don’t hold back on coloring up yourself [socks, lipstick, tu-tu, etc- I have loads of ideas for next year!]. Have a great time and post about it! cheers!


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