On the Move

Miles have been logged, cherry sours have been consumed and sights have been seen. In other words, today has been all…


We also made time for some


With our hands, and eyes, and minds at the new Exploratorium.


We got a Lyft from a long-time friend,


who took us on a whirlwind tour of the City by the Bay



We even saw someone famous!


As we hunker down for the night, I will leave you to ponder this:

CA DREAMIN’ TRAVEL TRVIA: question 1 (3pts)
Name one of the islands found in the San Francisco Bay. Bonus points if you can name more than one!

Until next time…safe travels of all kinds
Wheels, heart, mind and soul.



17 thoughts on “On the Move

  1. Whoohoo !!! You’re on the move !!! I love it. And such great pictures – I feel like I’m right there with you and the kiddo! xooox


  2. Ahhh, the adventure begins…and what a fun start! So glad you’re taking us along…need gas money to handle all the extra weight? 🙂


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