Fun and Games

Good morning roadies!

Today we did things a little differently; we stayed in one place. Well, for the most part. And we started the day off slowly with coffee, visiting and catching up with some friends.  The Kiddo invaded our host’s game closet and found this game for us to play: Real Dumb Laws.  Yes, this is a real game.


I wanted you all to get a sample of the questions; the asterisk indicates the answer.  These examples make me very glad that our road trip is not taking place anywhere in Rhode Island or Mount Vernon, Iowa. I wish I could understand the need to throw bricks onto a highway. Or, maybe not.



After a relatively quiet morning [there was a lot of laughter involved while playing the game of really dumb laws, probably enough to be able to pass on the left in Rhode Island!], we headed to a place from my own childhood. It was a treat to take The Kiddo to the Santa Cruz Beach & Boardwalk and revisit days of yesteryear.  We rode the rides, ate the hotdogs and played on the beach.


Did we ride or not ride?

The photos below are fuzzy; as we were in motion as I snapped away. I can remember summer days on this very same carousel, racing to get an outside horse that goes up-and-down so as to be positioned to grab the ring to throw into the clowns mouth. Back in the day, a ring in the mouth earned a free ride. Today, with one-price wrist-bands, a ring in the mouth earns pride and bragging rights!


Grab the ring…

It was pure  joy to relive this favorite memory with The Kiddo and teach him the horse-finding, ring-grabbing, and ring-tossing ways.  We gave it our best effort but other than the fun of a shared experience, our only bragging rights come from scoring the last two outside horses right next to each other. If you are wondering if I ran like a crazy mama around the carousel to find those two horses, I think you probably already know the answer to that question.


…get it in the clown’s mouth


Two generations…one carousel

As with all the days and miles behind us so far; this mama is loving the time with The Kiddo, finding our way out on the open road and making it up as we go.  I like driving…it truly is the getting that is most important. And while I left my heart in San Francisco, we realized today that The Kiddo left his computer charger in San Francisco.  Not quite the same, or is it? 🙂

CA is riddled with laws and litigation, so today’s question is inspired by today’s fun and games! Fill in the blank:

In California, in Los Angeles county, it is against the law at house parties to _________________.

a. serve alcohol
b. show home videos
c. eat fruitcake
d. charge admission

Until next time, safe travels:  wheels, heart, mind & soul.
Bonnie & The Kiddo


28 thoughts on “Fun and Games

  1. What a great game this is…and according to a game store downtown, there’s an updated parody version that was supposed to be released in 2012 but then was cancelled. It was called something like “Law and Order for the Criminally Inclined.” The store owner said he never got a straight answer why it was cancelled.


    • Thanks Marilyn! It was a fun(ny) game but mostly because of the ridiculous human decisions behind it all! Perhaps it was cancelled because it was all too true 🙂


  2. This road trip is, like, the bestest – but you knew that already, right? 🙂 For my 4 points, I’m being like Liz and attempting this sans Google, and I’m going to say … charge admission. Because I’d rather lose money on throwing a party than have to miss out on fruitcake! (I love fruitcake). I also love all these pictures!! And for the record, I like the fuzziness – makes me feel like I’m whirling around on the rides myself! xooox


    • I love the confidence in your google-free guessing!!

      I think you are my one and only friend who likes to eat fruitcake..and for some reason, I just love that!!

      Onward, getting packed up for the next leg of the journey! See you around the next bend, and I am so so glad to have you along for the ride! Xo


  3. Well….my guess….charge admission. But what I really want to know is that you DID ride the swing!!! I LOVE that ride so much! (I used to beg my boys to ride with me…but they said it made them dizzy….and then they jumped on the roller coasters!!!) Keep having fun….I am loving “the trip”! ♥


  4. working off my own instinct here (no google!), will say charge admission.

    You and kiddo look so happy 🙂 Great trip and thanks for giving us these peeks. Who knew there was such a board game? Wondering if you watch How I Met Your Mother? Lily’s father invents board games and this seems a milder version of something he’d come up with.

    Beep beep!


    • Hi Liz!! Beep. Beep.

      We are having so much fun!! Do we have to go home??

      I don’t watch How I Met Your Mother … but I’m liking the idea of inventing board games!


  5. So loving this trip Bon, what memories they evoke of days gone by. This is a trip of a lifetime for the two of you…memories of a lifetime. I’m with Lori, guess it’s against the law to charge admission. Onward…..whoohoo


    • Hi Rhonda! Such great memories and we’ve talked already, The Kiddo and I, how’s this trip is so different from others ….love that he’s into it! The carousel…oh what a great memory!!


  6. WHat awesome pictures!! Reminiscent of an amusement park I used to go to as a kid (and took my own kids too when they were the Kiddo’s age). This feels like the best vacation ever – and I’m just sittin’ in the back seat loving the ride! xo


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