And The Results are…

So, now that the Kiddo and I have been back from our Summer Bloggin’ Road Trip 2013, for two whole weeks [how did that happen?!] we’ve unpacked, gone back to work, back to school and the homework is piled on!  The three R’s seem to somehow multiply grade by grade! The new soccer cleats have been properly annointed with dirt and grass.  But, before we get fully immersed in post-vacation life, we need to announce some winners and award some swag!

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, however, let’s  review a little round up about California facts and trivia! I am impressed with the game play, googling, guessing and all around fun.

To recap, roadies, here are the questions and their answers!



QUESTION #1 (3pts)
Name one of the islands found in the San Francisco Bay. Bonus points if you can name more than one!

There are many more than I ever knew!  Some of the most well known are:
Angel Island, Mare Island, Yerba Buena Island, Treasure Island, Alcatraz Island, Alameda Island


QUESTION #2  (2pts)
True or False?  California produces more than 17 million gallons of wine each year.

(A few of us debated where the bulk of that wine actually goes…)


QUESTION #3 (4pts)
CA is riddled with laws and litigation, so today’s question is inspired by today’s fun and games! Fill in the blank:
In California, in Los Angeles county, it is against the law at house parties to _________________.

a. serve alcohol
b. show home videos*
c. eat fruitcake
d. charge admission

*It was a general consensus that b. show home videos should be the answer…


QUESTION #4 (4pts)
What small. CA town is considered the Earthquake Capital?

This question was largely overlooked AND caused some controversy – mostly among those of us who believe that we grew up in the town considered the Earthquake Capital of the World. Apparently, Google has other ideas.
The intended answer was Hollister, CA with an also acceptable answer of San Juan Bautista.  Parkfield?  Google, really? 18 people live there, what do they know. So, this question is tossed!


BONUS ROUND (3 pts):
Which of the following CA towns is known as the artichoke capital of the world?

A. Greenfield
B. Barstow
C. Castroville
D. Artoville

Bonus bonus (extra 1pt) if you’ve ever HAD an artichoke!!

I was happily impressed learning that some of you very far away from little ol’ Castroville have enjoyed artichokes, and that some of you promised to try one! I know who you are and I don’t forget these things!


QUESTION #5 (4pts)
Hearst Castle took 28 years to complete, and was designed by the famous and foremost female architect in California. Who was she?

A. Julia Morgan
B. Julia Roberts
C. Julia Stiles


We had a total of 6 possible questions, bonus rounds included, for a grand total of 21 possible points.  

So, is the suspense killin’ ya?

and a drumroll please..

and a drumroll please..

And the winners are….

Who could it be?

Who could it be?

In first place, from nearly 2,000 miles away from California is
Liz, from Food For Fun!

And in second place, and from even further away, is
Lori, from Donna & Diablo!

Seems, the L’s have this one!
(Congrats ladies! -see what I just did there?  – You will need to send me a private message with your mailing address so that The Kiddo and I send your swag!) 

I loved all of your answers and it just made the trip extra special with y’all along for the fun and games!

But wait there is more!

I promised a random prize to someone, just for being a good sport and playing along!
So, everyone who took at least one guess got their name tossed in my Annie Oakley hat and The Kiddo pulled one name and dun-dun-dun…

…It’s Rick, our fantastic SF tour guide and Lyft driver!



11 thoughts on “And The Results are…

  1. Whoohoo!! Congratulations Lori !! And Liz !! My friend, you are on a ROLL this week! Such awesomeness, I love it 😀

    Thanks bunches for bringing us along with you and The Kiddo, Bon, we had the best time! xooox


    • Thanks Amb! So great, but in my book, you are ALL winners!! Sounds like Liz has had a good week! And, we like that! You’re the best for riding along and enjoying the ride!! xo


  2. Ohmagosh, *so* excited!! 🙂 Like Liz, I rarely win contests. Really jazzed to have scored. Thanks for taking us along on your ‘rad roadtrip,’ Bon…lots of fun!! 🙂


  3. woo hoo! Thanks, Bon. Am grinning from ear to ear as it’s not often that I win contests. (though I did win free movie tickets just last week, which brings me up to two wins since I won a game board set from a back-of-the-cereal box contest when I was 8.) Though you DO know I cheated by googling most of the answers, right? S’ok if you want to pick a more honest and true winner at this point. 😉

    It was a fun contest and your trip posts were great fun. (Still sorry you ran out of sour balls, though.That’s a tough one for sure.) You have my addy, yes?

    You are one amazing mama and bloggy friend. Wishing you good things as you head back into work mode.

    p.s. Love that drumroll image. heehee 🙂


    • Hi winner!! 🙂 I am so glad you are grinning about your win! I totally get that, I don’t seem to be the prize winner all that often either. Back of the cereal box? For reals? I used to enter those all the time! Glad to know someone (I like) actually won!

      I never said googling was off were just bold enough to go there!!! And besides, we WENT to Google!! I loved having you along for ride, made it so much extra fun!! I think I have your addy in the messages. If not, I’ll get in touch with you.

      Thanks for the super nice words – i really appreciate that so much!! I love doing those fun things for/with my kiddo, and it’s so good that comes across! Hope you are heading into a really nice long weekend!


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