Quiet Is Not So Quiet

A quiet Sunday stretches out before me; a day full of nothing, but well, nothing. Plans have not been made. The to-do lists of what needs to be done have agreed to be patient with me on this day. Always busy, and on the go, mostly by choice, I heartily welcome this day as does one who is just about to enjoy a perfectly created favorite meal set before them; anxious to dig in and yet desiring to savor every last bit, not wanting it to end.

In these moments, quiet as can be, I hear so much. No television, no music.  But yet, so much.


I can hear the season finally starting to change from summer to fall; the gentle shift in the air makes an exquisite sound.

The leaves high in the trees tell me there is an easy breeze to this day.

The shadows, dancing across the grass, are the back up singers to this song; I can almost hear the way the getting-more-golden-by-the-day light of this early autumn day bounces.

My own thoughts in my head, make a variety of sounds; bumping, groaning and popping.  Normally much noisier in there than it is today.

Memories sliding, shifting, and in some cases, readjusting. Settling. Resting.

The thundering of a jet high above, transporting people to places far and wide; I conjure the noise of an airport terminal in my mind and appreciate even more the stillness of this moment.

Birds squawking and chirping; carrying on fascinating and important conversations with one another.

Voices of neighbors in nearby homes, all living their own interesting lives, so different and yet so near, to my own.

The hum of cars passing by my urban dwelling, each carrying someone thinking their own thoughts on their way to somewhere.  Do they ever have these kinds of quiet days, I wonder?

The clink of of collars and tags jingling as our four-legged friends are taken for a walk down my street.


Yes, it is a quiet Sunday, stretching out before me. And somehow, time seems suspended, and instead of fearing the nothingness, I sit in awe of the everythingness.



20 thoughts on “Quiet Is Not So Quiet

  1. Very descriptive, nice post. I love fall. It’s like a fresh shower on a stressful or sticky day. I think it’s because I like change… I feel like if I don’t have enough change in my life, I go crazy.


  2. You do a lovely job of describing your moments, Bonnie. Though I can only imagine how wonderful it would be as I think the last time I had one of those days was when I was 6! My go-go-go only stops when it crashes and burns (like when I had the flu), which is too bad. Though I don’t agree that’s the best way to live, it seems my style and circumstances. Impossible to take a breather when there’s always someone who wants something. Maybe when my girls are older? Here’s hoping. Though I won’t be handing in my Night Owl card anytime soon 😉


  3. Soak up all those sounds honey, revel in the everythingness that you so beautifully describe. There is time enough for the cacaphony that crowds our thoughts…xox


  4. This post resonates with me, Bonnie. Today I also had no plans and felt so relaxed by dusk that I regretted having to get dressed to go to dinner with friends tonight. Relaxation takes time to achieve, and when I finally feel it I don’t want to be shaken into an activity role.

    There’ll be plenty of that during the week.


    • Hi Ronnie…I am so glad you had a restful and rejuvenating day also. I completely understand the mixed feeling about breaking out of the quiet to meet up with friends. You probably had a lovely time, but just having to exit that rare moment of real relaxation is hard. I skipped out on a group get together tonight for that same reason. And yes, plenty of all that M-F. Wishing you a great week!


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