We All Carry On

It seems that over the last week, I have heard such heart breaking stories from every angle: a terminally ill young child, an astoundingly dedicated and innovative teacher who gives his heart to his students in incredibly creative ways, and then returns home each day to care for his achingly affected son; a young man raising money for his aunt who has been diagnosed with cancer; a regular person putting a crackled heart back together, a mom who struggles with her own kiddo, a friend who finds out the job he loves is not his anymore.

It goes on all around us; all of us, we each have a story.

And it’s true, being in touch with what is happening around us, really does help us keep things in perspective. How often do we hear about the circumstances of others, and then comment, “well, that sure put things in perspective!” realizing that the (fill in the blank here) we were fretting about really isn’t that bad.  It’s reminded me that it’s not just a matter of remembering that somehow someone has it worse off than we do; it’s the importance of keeping it at the front side of our brain how good we do have it.  Seeing things through a lens of abundance. Remembering that our pity-party hats are the most flattering when worn by the hat-rack. And, it seems that it’s just a good reminder to just simply remember to keep our ears tuned in to each other, our hearts soft for the person next to us; staying with the pulse of all that goes on around us.

Because it’s so very true; we all have holes…and yet, we all carry on.


Holes, by Passenger on their album, All the Little Lights



14 thoughts on “We All Carry On

  1. “Remembering that our pity-party hats are the most flattering when worn by the hat-rack.” What an awesome sentence!


  2. These are the stories that comprise our lives..the pain somehow insists on taking up more space than the joy. Unless we consciously task ourselves with weighing the joy more heavily. And Liz is right – disingenuous rosiness serves no one well – an appreciation for what is – both the wonderful and the less-than-wonderful seems to me to be a level of awareness that encourages compassion and understanding. Hope this makes sense, I’m still in need of sleep..


    • It does make sense…you always do! And I agree, we need to constantly be cognizant of what is…it just is. The nitty gritty stuff makes us far more interesting, right?!? Xo


  3. Bonnie- we carry on AND we take turns carrying each other. Love u. And thank you for the lovely reminder


  4. Such wise words, Bon. “keep our hearts soft for those around us,” lovely…. This song is great, too. I’m fascinated by this guy’s voice–it’s so tremulous..very moving. I also love Train’s new song, “Bruises.” We all have them and it’s been my experience that the people who’ve been through the most are oftentimes the most interesting and compassionate. it’s the downs in our lives that make the ups that more precious…. Xo, l


    • Lori…thank you! I love that song, Bruises, by Train also. For the same reasons; that it’s what we’ve come through that gives us compassion and understanding..and things to look back on and laugh at, while realizing how strong we have become in spite of it all! Not surprised we have that song in common too! XO


  5. Nicely put, all! You make a good point about that pity-party hat. On the whole, I see myself appreciating all I have, but there seems a fine line between that and pretending all is well, so I’m all for giving ourselves freedom to admit to those holes. Beautiful song–touching. Love that I never know what I’ll find here: seals, camping cones, lime rickeys, philosophy, tunes, travel, San Fran trivia–all good!


    • Thanks Liz! You make a great point about the fine line between living with appreciating and pretending…excellent notion to point out in this context. I think when we acknowledge the holes with each other, we are all the better for it. Like our convo recently. It just increases understanding,acceptance and compassion. And ha…love that I can keep you guessing!!! Life is rich, isn’t it!? : )


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