The Third Dimension

It’s a common comment among those of us who have been fortunate to have found a sense of, albeit unexpected, community by way of blogging. Finding kindred spirits in the spaces between the keys on our keyboards, by simply joining the conversation, one often started in the quiet of our minds, one that sometimes feels that it is just between our keyboards and fingers. We come across the words of another and find a resonance, something that feels familiar, puts words to something we have felt or experienced but haven’t yet found a way to articulate, or knew that we even could.

It is not news to say, that friendships have been formed, and bonds created, because we dare greatly, in this space. At least, I know that I do. I risk sharing from a place that often finds no other outlet.

To me, blogging is one dimensional at this point.  We write. We read.

If we are lucky our words jump off the screen and into the mind and thoughts of another. Even luckier, when as writers, we find out that our words, strung together like a strand of popcorn on a holiday tree, have an impact on at the very least, one other soul.

Connections are formed, and bonds begin to weave a web throughout blogland. Across miles, states, cities, time zones and even the international date line. We start to recognize each other in ways that both surprisingly and not surprisingly at all, feel so familiar.

Then, with some, we start to go beyond the boundaries of blogland, when we go off blog, ironically. When we realize that our posts, comments and the extra layers of conversation compel us to somehow require more conversation. More than can be contained or conveyed in a comment.

In jumping over state lines from comments to emails and messages, our blogs become two dimensional.

Last year I created my virtual bloggin’ road trip because I knew I needed to know some of these incredible people, I really wanted to take blogging into the third dimension and found the closest way to achieve this, if only virtually. If I could, I would in a New York minute load up my little Triumph and hit the open road, and ring some doorbells.To allow the opportunity for real time talk. In person.

I have just returned home from a trip down the east coast, working my way from NYC through Pennsylvania, and Delaware to end up in Northern Virginia, aka, Mimi’s neighborhood by way of planes, trains and automobiles. I emerged from Union Station in DC, with no need of a taxi or metro because instead, Waiting for me was Mimi and the awesome Karma Truck! Guys, it’s as awesome as it seems!

mimi and bonnie

What a cool moment, seeing her petite but magnanimous self waving at me from behind the wheel as I made my way to her with my 6’4″ nephew in tow, carrying my suitcase like a true young gentleman.  He’s studying at one of my old stomping grounds and I got to buy a poor starving college student a couple of beers at a fancy bar in a fantastic city.

Quick introductions between Michael and Mimi – imagine introducing someone that you are only just meeting?!  Fun! And then quick goodbyes between Michael and I.

How does one describe what happens next? Let’s just say it was awesome. How’s that? Kind of surreal too, let’s be honest, to be inches away, and hear the voice behind the sentences on the screen. The eyes twinkling. The smile on Mimi can light up a room! The mannerisms, the inflection. The conversation that was already real, just got that much more real. And true to form, Mimi wasted no time. In moments, we launched into a conversation that had been started and interrupted on email…Mimi just says, “ok, there is a lot to catch up on. Tell me about…” and off we went. Words flying back and forth. Nodding. Hmm-mmm-ing. Laughing. Agreement. Clarification. More. Stories.  Then, I got to meet Bogey and the Sirs. And Andy. And get a real sense of the amazing person driving that amazing Karma Truck. It was worth waiting for.

In the comfort of Mimi’s kitchen, it was blogging in in 3-D! Face to face. In the same room. Sustained conversation that flowed naturally and freely. I found myself realizing that the posts we have each written and read, are already part of our shared history. As if we had told those stories at that very kitchen table. When the frame of reference predates the time of meeting.


Bogey – more adorable than I could capture!

At the end of our visit, while taking Bogey out to do his business, I asked Mimi if she had been nervous at all, about my visit. She was not. I was. But not for the reasons you might suspect. Friends of mine who do not blog, expressed mild surprise with  my plan to visit- and stay – with someone I had never met in person. I tried  to explain this community we have, but it’s just not easy. You may have found yourself trying to do the same at some point, and if you have found a way to convey all of this, let me know. Please? I was nervous that in real life, in the third dimension, that I would not be the person she had come to know in the first and second dimensions. That I would possibly disappoint. Mimi has answered that, eloquently and exquisitely, as no one but her can.


This sits proudly in the cozy room where Mimi’s friends settle in for the night

I will gladly hop aboard the Karma Truck anytime, or wave it down with open arms if I see her come rolling down my street! Thank you Mimi, and yes, Friend:Good. Very good.



30 thoughts on “The Third Dimension

  1. The 3D experience is one to truly behold. It is so amazing to be face to face with another living soul. True Human contact is what we all crave, Like a rich chocolate dessert, there is nothing quite like being next to our kindred spirits. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Wow. what an inspiration. yes, there is a level of connection reading the words on the screen. and i know there is a whole ‘nother level of connection – 3rd dimension as you say – that is truly beyond description (although you do a beautiful job of it!). I just love that you packed up and headed to the driveway of the karma truck, and found such life, peace and deliciousness there! I am inspired by the possibilities of technology – when combined by the passion of our hearts!


    • Vicki, Thank you! I really like how you put it, ‘the possibilities of technology when combined by the passion of our hearts!’ – it’s true! The way we get to connect with one another here!


  3. awwwww….. That is the sweetest blog post I have ever read. (sniff, sniff–no I am not crying–it’s fall allergies 😉 ) This is a community that has to be experienced to be understood. It is odd that not having physically met you (or Mimi or amb or Dave or Beth or…), I would open up my house to any of you. (seriously–you all have an outstanding invite should you ever end up in my part of town) Odds are at least one of you is a creepy, flabby balding man in a muscle-t sitting at his computer having fun with the ladies. (sorry–not funny really, but making a point here), but somehow I just don’t think you are as you all share so much of yourself in what you write. You are genuine and somehow we are finding each other 🙂

    And how amazing and fantastic that you and Mimi met up. What a beautiful time you must have had. Appreciate the pictures–thanks for sharing your visit.


    • Where has the time gone? Oh right, come back from a trip and work/life hits hard! Thanks for the awesome comment/thoughts on this Liz! And you are right, it has to be experienced to be understood. I love how you are playing the odds, and I love the open door policy for all of us. Well, except whomever is the creepy flabby balding man! Hope the alllergies get better soon!


  4. Amazing Bon. The smiles on both of your faces say it all! It’s easy to picture the two of you sitting in the kitchen gabbing away…and it’s a great vision. So happy for you both for making the leap into the third dimension. xo


  5. You can’t diminish the warmth and friendship that you brought to the kitchen BonBon. I wasn’t nervous because I ‘knew’ already. I knew that you were brought into my life because your words spoke to me in a voice I could hear. Thank you for your awesome, open, warm and loving self. I will have to find that little plaque and send it to you – because it is true friend:good…xox


    • did I miss responding to this?! I guess it’s the hazards of re-entry and trying to catch up and reverse the time clock back to CA hours! I am really over waking up at 4:30am already!

      All that aside, Mims…just an amazing time in your presence, world. And yes, your words jumped off the page to me when I first met you on my screen! Thank you for opening the door of the Karma Truck and letting me ride shotgun for a bit! Can’t wait until our next time!! xoxo


  6. what a wonderful experience for both of you (and for all those big and small connected to mimi). yes, i agree, the bonds that form are strong and we bond on strong levels once we let down our guard and share things safely with others,which is exactly what happens here. beautiful )


    • Beth, yes, such a great experience!! I am so glad it resonated with you, this notion of how we connect and form bonds as a result of being willing to share, and then responding to each other in that space. It is a beautiful thing!


  7. So glad that you had a good time, Bonnie. My experience was the same–Mimi is 5′ of acceptance, understanding, love, compassion, joy–all the good adjectives one can evoke, and more. How lucky are we to have experienced here “in 3-D.” :-). Hugs, L


    • Hi Lori! Exactly! I loved knowing that I’d gone where Lori had been…you know the room and the kitchen and the love! all of it – and we are definitely lucky to have the 3D experience! I love how you put it, 5′ of all that wonderfullness!! Hugs time we coordinate timing! 😀


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