Love Letter

Dear Writing,

I am writing this note to say that I miss you. I miss you dearly.  It seems that lately, I haven’t been able to spend much quality  or one-on-one time with you. I think of you so often, all the time really, you must know. Thoughts of you chase around in my mind – like jungle monkeys, vine to vine – and come and go and I get that little flutter of excitement. Yes, you still give me the butterflies.

We both know we are still courting, and getting to know one another, and it may seem that I am being neglectful of your needs and not showing you how much I appreciate you in my life, and how there is no one else quite like you. You get me, you understand me. You listen. You are always there for me, waiting so patiently. I must be clear and share that thoughts of you are never far from my mind. Not a day goes by that I don’t imagine long leisurely moments together, just luxuriating over each word and phrase. When we get down to commas and semi-colons my heart goes pitter-patter. Oh dear, I fear I have made you blush. 


This is not to say that at times we won’t always see eye to eye, but I feel confident in our relationship. I have had my eye on you for quite some time now; I was always just so shy to show my affection and interest, for fear it might not be reciprocated.

So, while I carry on and attend to the more mundane tasks that seem to endlessly present themselves for my attention, you must remember that you are the object of my affection and to measure my affection not by keystrokes, but by thoughts.

Affectionately and adoringly yours,



22 thoughts on “Love Letter

    • Wow..thank you for such an awesome comment, that just totally makes my day! Sometimes, the heart just shows up when we least expect it!


    • Exactly!! I was running around in the holiday madness and just wanting to sit and be with some thoughts and reflections, but couldn’t squeeze in the time…the letter shows that sometimes, we just have to make time for what/who is important to us! Happy New Year Vicki, always so nice to have you here!


  1. Love it, Bonnie! I often feel that my writing is neglected, but I’ve made myself (and my writing) a promise: more frequent visits. It’s hard when you can think about something so much, but find it hard to “get to it.” Hopefully, 2014 is the year our writing knows just how much we love and care for it.


    • Jessica! So glad you can relate, not for your sake of course, but mine! I think our writing knows how much we love it, but like with anyone, it never hurts to say it often. Here’s to a well written and word-ful 2014, for both of us! 🙂


  2. I have no doubt that writing forgives you, despite your absence – and will patiently await your return (though undoubtedly will fill you with news). The truth is that writing loves you as much as you love it – and sometimes you just have to get through life before you can sit down with a glass of wine and a friend as close as this. xox


    • Hi there, thank you so much, so glad you ‘get me’ too! 🙂 I sometimes can’t wrap my head around what to write, but I miss it when I don’t have the time to spend with thoughts, ideas and words. Happy writing to you. I especially appreciate how you put it: “affection for the wonder of writing”. So perfect.


  3. awwww, that’s sweet Bonnie 🙂 Loved the part about pitter patter and commas, etc. My husband and I took a community ed basic grammar course (on purpose!) pre-kids and I still remember the rush I got reading about when commas were best or semis or colons or whatever. All those rules. Not that they have to be followed and not that they don’t change, but what a fun world! Only 26 letters in the alphabet and so much can be done with them. You’ve got me all pumped now, too!! Thanks for sharing your letter.


    • Liz!! so glad you love it and got the whole pitter-patter over punctuation! My favorites were the butterflies and blushing…just fun! 🙂 I love that you two took an actual grammar course, who does that!? And yes, how much can be done with just 26 little letters! Glad I got you all pumped up too, that’s what we are here for!!


    • Diana! Happy New Year to you too! My letter is simply to the act and endeavor of writing, we’ve been ‘kept apart’ by all the demands of end of year and the holidays! Love that typewriter though, it belongs to a very dear friend and made that image while visiting a few months back!


    • Thanks Lori! So much going on the last few weeks, I have missed my one-on-one time! If only my wooing skills could be so easily applied… 😉


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