Can We Be Done Now?

My Kiddo and I have some of the best conversations; he’s an old soul and his humor on par with many adults I know. Add to that, he’s open with me and we talk about some pretty cool stuff; I feel lucky as the mom of a now ten year old boy that we talk the way we do and about the things that matter.  Boy humor is often thrown in, well, just because. And because it really is funny sometimes.  And, it’s hard to avoid!

That aside, when we get into one of our cool convos, I always know there will come a point in the conversation when I hear, “mom, can we be done talking about this now?” and I always say yes, even though of course, I want more.  I know he’s reached his limit; that he’s overwhelmed or we got just a little too close.  Some kind of noise, right?

I figure if I take his lead, then there will be a next time.

And, so far, so good; we’re still talking.

The other day, we were discussing his request for a new video game for his game console. It’s a never ending, ever-lovin’ request stream.

I hear the typical arguments:

“But mom, all my friends have it…”

“Mom, I will pay for it with my gift card…”

So, I ask kiddo to lay out the positives and the negatives.

Tell me why I should say yes. Tell me why I would say no. I want to hear both sides from you.”

He plays along, the arguments are solid.

So, then I say,

‘Tell me about the game honey. Tell me why you like it so much.”

I hear so many words, my brain starts competing with itself to stay with him.

“It’s important, let him talk” vs. ‘”you have no idea what he’s saying”

He’s doing a good job explaining it”  vs. “stop thinking about what you need to finish this afternoon”

“He really wants to get his point across, wow”  vs. “If only he was this focused and clear when it comes to homework”

Then, I start to laugh.



There is noise in my head.

I hear words like memory. extraction. database. points.

And then I don’t know what else. It’s all noise.

But I am laughing (he’s still explaining). I totally get it.

I say to him,

“Kiddo, can we be done talking about this now?”


Ps…remember..change is in the air.


23 thoughts on “Can We Be Done Now?

  1. I love this post, your writing style, and especially your parenting style. I can also see why you are so proud of your son. By the way Diana sent me.


    • Hi Russ, thanks so much for stopping by via Diana! I totally appreciate your comments and appreciating the way I approach these things I love…writing and parenting both. You are a giving soul. Bonnie


  2. fun–liking this post lots 🙂 Definitely a cool kid you have, Bonnie. Can We Be Done Talking About This Now? should be the title of your first book!


    • Sometimes it’s just done. Like when I cannot understand a thing he’s talking about! Noise! LOL! Was so fun to get a sense of maybe what he goes through! yes, open lines!


  3. It so goes both ways, right! It is never a dull moment when I talk to my three nephews who are all teenagers now – girls, belching, farts, starving when do we eat again, etc. Treasured Moments with Memories that last a Lifetime!!!


  4. I love the way both sides of the argument are brought to the table, Bonnie 😀

    I’m still laughing about you laughing – “Kiddo, can we be done talking about this now?” LOL 😆


  5. Laughing too…boy oh boy does this bring back memories! I seem to recall there were more occasions of Mom wanting (needing) to be done than there were for the boys…but it sure was good listening to them make their arguments, like grown ups in little bodies. You have so much more to look forward to Bon…great stuff. xoxo


    • So funny Rhon – And I am pretty tech-savvy, and it was all just noise…Stop! Now! Please!! 🙂 I loved his arguments and being able to address both sides of the coin. And yes, like grown ups in little bodies. xoox


  6. Laughing – those times when the tables get turned and we want to ‘be done’…one of these days, I look forward to meeting that awesome boy of yours. I know he has the awesome-est mom…xo


    • It was so funny! I was laughing, having my mini-epiphany..(oh, THIS must be what it feels like when HE reaches that poing…) and HE JUST KEPT TALKING! One of these days…and the two shall meet! xoox


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