Lemonade Is On The Porch

Come on in!

Things are looking a little different around here today finally.  So much for phase one and then phase two and then phase 3…one and two seemed to really want to ride tandem.

So, we’ve got the new outfit and the new name tag today.

Here’s the old place…just in case you are a little unsure!


Remember me?

It’s the same place on the inside and

there is lemonade is on the porch for you!

Relax, enjoy, stick around…while I figure out how to change the name officially.



42 thoughts on “Lemonade Is On The Porch

    • Pam!!! I heart you! I love that you LOVE it!!! I have been thinking and mulling and now it’s SO great to have it out there! Yay!! Yay you for stopping by!


  1. fantastic, Bonnie! Am loving everything about it. So you 🙂 And the lemonade is ever so refreshing—ahhhhh…. Nice touch 🙂 Looking forward to all that is to come. You’re clever, yes, but also extremely talented. This is lovely.


    • Liz! Awesome – so glad you dig it! Took forever to decide between two themes and happy where I landed. Enjoy the lemondade, but sip slowly, because there just might be more than lemonade in there. At least for you! 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful feedback – it feels like home already 🙂 It was time for a change!


  2. Ahhhh. amb looks around, puts her feet up, relaxes. Yup, I could get used to things around here! It looks fabulous Bon, and I love it! xoxoxoxox


    • Amb!! Thank you so much! And, you better get used to things around here…I sort of, well, kind of really like having your around. You know? Glad you like it! xoox


  3. Yay…and what a GREAT name! Love the new theme too. You are so clever. I sure could use some of that lemonade because it makes me think of summer…and we on the east coast could use a bit of summer. Happy house warming BonBon…can’t wait to come hang out on the porch…xoxo


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