Give A Little, Get A Lot


This is the Church of Human Kindness.

Thanks JT Weaver for sharing this today. Look around – notice the kindness…
And maybe we can be the one to be seen being kind…

(p.s. it appears the video does not load here ?? so please hop over to JT Weaver’s blog to view – and tell him thanks for sharing with all of us!)


J T Weaver

Sometimes we go through life without seeing those little acts of kindness that happen all around us.  Then, without warning we start to notice, we start to see, and we start to understand.  These small events then begin to affect us in ways that make us better people, better neighbors, and better parents.  This is growth.  This is maturity.  This is living.

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4 thoughts on “Give A Little, Get A Lot

    • It’s beautiful and just fits in so perfectly with other posts I’ve shared – I love the serendipity of it. And pictures are worth a thousand words! xo


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