Pieces | Brain Painting

When I wrote Pieces of Grace, it took me months to finish that post. Beyond that, it took me nearly 15 years to find my way through a circuitous maze of understanding that my spiritual path would ultimately lead me to a place of beginning rather than a destination.  A place of acceptance. Acceptance that it is something I must assemble.  Over time.  Even though I don’t yet have all the pieces of the puzzle laid out before me on the quintessential card table of life.  That it’s not going to happen in an instant. And that it’s not a matter of leaving one house and walking in the doors of another.

Instead, as I wrote in that post:

“I have lightheartedly – over the last few years – referred to this questioning, this seeking and these feelings of being a spiritual misfit, as belonging to the church of human kindness.  I have come to see the importance of making intentional choices to live kindly and to have that as a guiding principal.  I find that I look in so many places for guidance, signposts and honestly, just honest to goodness resonance. A sense of place.”

Experiencing my friend’s Bat Mitzvah taught me to pay attention. The pieces? They show up when they will.

So, I read and listen. I pay attention. I remain open to finding pieces that fit. Everywhere I go, I am attuned. I know it when I hear, or sense, a sort of click within me. Outwardly, I kind of tilt my head to the side, like a quizzical puppy, and let my shoulders and chest rise and then fall, and I utter a, ‘hmh?!”.

In those moments, I know I have stumbled upon a piece, a piece that clicks in somehow. And so begins a new part of our time here together: Pieces.


During a recent read, an article titled:  Peeling Back the Mask: Reconnect with your Authentic Self, on a site I follow religiously (pun totally intended there, c’mon! 🙂 ) I came across this and heard myself go, “hmh?!”…

” ‘We are our thoughts‘ isn’t just Eastern voodoo wisdom. The word ‘brainwashing’ has a negative connotation, so let’s call it brain painting. Painting your mind with things you love is a surefire way to become a happy you. This is nothing more than surrounding yourself with people, books, subjects and thoughts that make you smile. Be selective and consistent with what you allow in.

crayons soul


I realized the resonance I found in this; this is part of the process, this is how it happens for me.  The article caught my attention with its words “reconnect with your authentic self” – and then drew me so that I would find one of the pieces.

For me, the way I see it, I have to be looking, looking for the guideposts along the way. They are there.

What do you paint your brain with?






11 thoughts on “Pieces | Brain Painting

  1. This is fabulous Bon (admittedly, as an art historian I’m a bit biased toward the analogy.. 😉 ) I’ve been working very hard these past few years to practice the ‘law of attraction’ and to ‘cut the cords’ that bind me to unhealthy people/situations, etc. And it works, it really does. Surrounding oneself with happy, healthy, centered people lifts you up, infuses you with strength and light and love and gives you the ability to pay it forward. Just love it… Thx for sharing!! 🙂 xo, l


    • Lori – so cool, love that you love this and the art history/painting connection IS fabulous. And, I get the application of the ‘law of attraction’ – it’s hard work, constant – and I’m so happy that you (and those in your circles!) are reaping the benefits, seeing the results is amazing. xo


  2. What a wonderful way to look at it, and to think about it. We are all becoming more and more conscious of what we put into our bodies; maybe it’s time to be just as selective about what we allow into our minds. Beautiful post.

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    • Thank you! And, I really like your correlation; with good food for our bodies, and good thoughts for our minds. I have been working on this for a few years and just loved this approach, this way of looking at it, and again, finding something I resonate with in the context of something much larger.


    • Carolann – beautiful tie-in! I use that term too, from time to time, and you are right, it is a chaotic and violent expectation for our beautiful brains. From now on, we paint. Thanks for your great comment!


  3. The visual is so much prettier than relating this to the basic tenets of cognitive therapy – we are what we think; thoughts first, feelings result – so how do you change the messages in your head? Painting the brain – I love that…Realizing that you can switch the color palette, and accepting that sometimes the color palette includes hues we may not like as much as others, but they add depth to the overall scheme. Have I told you lately you have a really good eye (I had to – BonsEye, eye for color, etc)…love you..xox


    • Bingo! You are so correct Dianne – love what you dip your brush into! You have always been so kind and share so many beautiful words! xo


  4. oh, perfect, Bonnie! Have you seen “What the Bleep Do We Know?” ? (have we already talked about this?) We build our own reality to a large extent and you’re so right–it’s by painting our brains. Nice image.

    I try to paint my brain with good and fun and a bit off-the-wall and kind, but know there’s always work to be done. You are part of my very good brain painting, Bonnie.


    • Now we have talked about the movie! LOL! I like your choices of paint color – especially off-the-wall; and love that part of your color pallette includes BonsEye 🙂 We do have to build our own reality – choosing the right colors for our souls. Always soo good that you are here.


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