Perspective. Well Played.

The question is not what you look at,

but what you see

 -Henry David Thoreau


what is it

What Is It?


The other day I talked about perspective, and how sometimes we need to let things unfold and be open to seeing things in new ways.

Then, the very next day, this came across my view. Perhaps I was being tested?

Look at the image above. What do you see?

Are you sure?


Believe it or not, but this is a woman.


In full body paint.


Look again.

Her left leg is pointing down like a tail.

Her right knee is drawn up.

Her right arm is braced on the stump. Her other arm is folded over her head.

The bird’s eye is in the center of her forehead.

The longer you look, the easier it is to see her.  She’s sitting on the wood stump.


Now, where did the bird go?




30 thoughts on “Perspective. Well Played.

  1. Hey Bon, a little late to the party on this one, but like others said, “Wow! Mind bending!!” And such a good object lesson. Perspective can be a tricky (and powerful) thing. Thanks for the reminder…xo, L


  2. Bon !!! I literally just went, “wow!” out loud, at my computer, in my pajamas in the pocket sized place. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Or not seen. Or something. Wait … where did the bird go ?!? xoxoxoxoxo


    • I know! I did the same thing! The kiddo did the same thing! I emailed to a friend and he did the same thing. GREAT way to re-re-learn the simple lesson of things just are not always what they seem! I know..where did the bird go!? What bird?!? 🙂 xoox


    • Carolann – I love that! Pun and all, and when I showed my 10yr old, he was blown away and it was fun to watch his reaction. Glad you got to do that with your husband. Fun to let our brains get a little surprise every now and then!


  3. This is a great picture, Bonnie. It’s so true that we see what we want to see and what’s not really there sometimes! It reminds me of a wedding reception I attended many years ago where I saw a picture on the wall and thought it was a bride with a really long veil, but it was actually a waterfall! LOL 😀


    • OMG Dianne, that is so funny! But, I can see how a waterfall could resemble a bride in her veil! In fact, not too far from where I live, there is a well known waterfall this is called: Bridal Veil Falls!! So..see, you weren’t that far off!! But, this was a fun exercise in being reminded to seeing things not always as we think they are!


  4. wow–fantastic. Thanks for sharing 🙂 And I totally get what you’re saying about perspective and you know I’m all over living life with open eyes, curious mind, and positive outlook, BUT…my first thought when your description turned the woman into a bird was that she is one ripped lady! Probably she boxes 😉


      • I still say she’s ripped, but if it’s just the effect of that body paint, then where can I find some?

        You’re so right about “where did the bird go” because I don’t see it anymore. Love how the eye and mind don’t always work together.


  5. This is why “eye witnesses” are notoriously unreliable! 🙂 And they mean really well, but what they think they see (saw) and it’s link to reality varies along a very odd curve. “I saw a bird!” “I saw a woman!” Hmmm… Thanks for sharing!


    • Maureen – excellent point! We all see what we think we see and what we want to see/believe. Great reminder to consider the other possibilities!


    • Ronnie – thanks! Fun way to have our perspective challenged. Things are what we want them to be at times – good reminder that perhaps there is another way to see things!


    • Sandy Sue – you’ve a good eye! All I could see was bird at first, and now I can’t see a bird at all! Thanks for ‘playing’ along with us!


    • You’ve a keener eye than I 🙂 I had to be taken all the way through it to start to see it, but then yes, like you say, Magic! xo


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