Hamster Wheels and Chocolates

Sometimes, we get so tired, we just have to laugh.  Here in academic land, as the semester progresses, things seem to move faster and faster and faster. And faster.  Around March, it started to feel like someone hit high-speed on the ol’ hamster wheel, and didn’t let go!

Tomorrow, the spring semester ends and we celebrate the success and achievement of our students who graduate and leap the chasm from college to career. We hope; it’s not always a linear path with the uncertainties and challenges our grads face these days.

While preparing for the ceremony tomorrow, my colleague in the office and I were getting a little punchy and to my mind came the image and hilarity of the old I Love Lucy episode where she and Ethel are madly and furiously trying to work the line at the chocolate factory; and with their apparent success, the supervisor just says, speed it up. Yep, we can relate!

Now, can we please have some chocolate?!




18 thoughts on “Hamster Wheels and Chocolates

  1. It’s finally here! Yay you…what a year it’s been for you BonBon. Congratulations to your intentional self and enjoy the hell out of this summer. Raising my glass to you Lucy…you are one amazing lady. xoxo


  2. Will be symbolically waiting for you at happy hour time tomorrow, Bon! It’s been a hectic year, but girl, you are in the home stretch and making it all look easy! :-). Good luck, God speed, and pass the Bon bond and the bottle…;-)

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  3. Congratulations to the students – but mega congratulations to you BonBon – I know how fast you have been running on that wheel, and I look forward to 2PM on Friday for you…my only wish is that I could stand there with some chocolate (and a glass of wine)..

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    • Oh the wine, how could I have forgotten the WINE! 🙂 And thank you…it’s been a ride this go round, so much good, so much really, but heck…slow can be good too! 🙂 I will imagine you and a glass of wine tomorrow at 2pm! xo


    • Thank you. Omg thank you, Liz! I think I can taste them through my computer. And YES a holy resounding YES,we ARE supposed to get off the hamster wheel. I plan to..in about 26 hours in fact! Whatever 2pm Friday afternoon is from now. I strongly suggest you follow suit as soon as possible! 🙂


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