Name That Tune? No, Name That House!

Last weekend, I was able to steal away for a couple of days with a couple of friends and we spent a weekend reconnecting and relaxing in and around the quaint and charming little town of Carmel. We don’t, for one nano second, not ever ever take for granted the beauty of the California coastline and though we lost count, my friend J must have uttered, “Wow!’ about a bajillion times.

While driving from point A to B, we passed through the intersection where beautiful meets gorgeous.


Then, we started noticing that all of the stunning homes along 17 Mile Drive have all been named. The first one that caught my attention is the Butterfly house and its beautiful and conscious California drought resistant awesome landscaping.

butterfly house

Wilder Butterfly

CA scape

Beautiful and requires no lawn mower!

From there, we wandered and meandered and found these humble (ahem!) abodes with fun and creative names.

best nest

Best Nest

beside the point

Beside the Point

scenic dugout

Scenic Dugout (I could handle watching a ball game or two from inside that dugout!)


song of the sea2

Song of the Sea

There were many more homes with affectionate nick names such as Point of View and Sea Haze. I found myself completely enjoying the creativity and personality of each and also thinking about the possibilities of what it would be like if we all named our homes? First of all, it would just be fun, would make evening walks quite different, but wouldn’t it also add another dimension of community among us?  What would you name your home if you could – or maybe you already have? It got me thinking about what I might name the home where I live now and the name JuJu came to me because it’s just got great energy and a bright cheery feel to it. But, I also know I will just keep thinking about this. By now, you know how my brain works, right?

Then we passed by this ‘little’ stunner and found her curiously lacking an identity like her neighbors to the left and right.

Name that house

Name that house

So, I leave you with a Cheers and a Challenge:

…a cheers to time away, renewal and spending time with friends who make all the difference in our lives; and

…a challenge to take some ownership for the naming rights of our nameless abode.  What would you name her? And look, there is even a blank slate above the windows above the garage, just waiting to be inscribed!





23 thoughts on “Name That Tune? No, Name That House!

    • Omg…for you that is absolutely perfect! I say cheers to that!! And, you would know my name and likely hold a seat for me and pour me a drink!!


  1. If the last stunner is close to the water…I’d call it “A Stone’s Throw”
    if no water view, I’d call it…Villa-No-Vu 😉


    • Rhon..there are no winners (we’re all winners!) in the ‘Name that House’ show, but if there were, you’d hear some bells..that house IS in fact “A Stone’s Throw’ from the ocean! It doesn’t just have a view, it’s RIGHT THERE! I love the runner-up name, that’s perfect!! Now, I am kind of thinking, I should mail a list of possible names to the homeower, just sayin’… they can pay me in a free night’s stay. They’d hardly know I was there! 🙂 xo


      • That’s a GREAT, INTENTIONAL, idea BonBon. LOL I love the names folks come up with for their vacation homes here, just never thought of naming a regular one. But it’s a great idea! xoxo


    • Dianne, that’s cute, and as we passed by those homes and others, the mention of Hansel and Gretel definitely came up more than once – you’re on it! Truly magnificent homes – so hard to wrap our heads around! 🙂


  2. Lovely post and photos, Bon. I have a very dear British friend who names all of her homes–apparently it’s very common practice in England. Her current abode: “Mole Hill.” And yes, it’s just as quaint and cozy as it sounds… 🙂 As for the stunner at the bottom, I can’t think of anything fitting at the moment, but if I do, I’ll circle back…. So glad that you had some quality bonding time with dear friends. There’s nothing better….. 🙂 xo, l


  3. Beautiful Captures 🙂 I would name the house Italian Siren or Italian Stunner! OR Think of the movie Under the Tuscan Sun! Thanks so much for sharing – Have a Great Day!


    • Thanks so much! (love your blog name btw in case I haven’t said that before) Oh, great choices! It does have that Italian/Tuscan feel to it!! You’re right! 🙂 Happy day to you too!


      • Ahhh thanks – I am a craver of all things, especially adventure! I would love to see the inside of that house as well as the others – addicted to House Hunters and shows like that because I want to see the inside as much as the curb appeal and back yard – such a house junkie – ha! The Weekend is Almost Here 🙂


  4. What amazing homes!! I can’t even think of an appropriate name other than ‘haven’…great pictures but greater still is the knowledge that you had a great weekend with your friends!! oxxo


    • Haven works! I think I can safely say that I would feel like I was snuggled up in a Safe Haven in that home! The homes are astonishingly amazing, so many I couldn’t get a photo of since I was the one driving! It was a lovely and perfect couple of days with the girls and the sea xoxo


    • Love that, House of Rock! That works perfectly 🙂 I wish you could visit, Carmel is a place I know well from growing up not far from there, but it was like new to me, seeing it again after many years. Quaint, charming and just a truly beautiful place. Easy on the eyes and spirit! Thanks Maureen!


        • I know the feeling; the notion won’t leave head! I am still thinking!! Keep noodling and fun – let me know if you come up with something fun!


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