In recent months,  Northern CA experienced a 6.1 earthquake – the pressure built and the plates moved. Earthquakes are usually caused when rock underground suddenly breaks along a fault and this sudden release of energy causes the seismic waves that make the ground shake.

It was definitely noticed.

It rocked and rolled.

In our own lives, big disruptions come along and create fissures, changes and cracks in our lives. It’s impossible to not notice these. Things feel bumpy, chaotic and unstable.  Life rocks and rolls without harmony.

But, we have to remember –  earthquakes don’t come out of nowhere.

According to scientists,

‘…The surface of the Earth is in continuous slow motion. This is plate tectonics–the motion of immense rigid plates at the surface of the Earth in response to flow of rock within the Earth. The plates cover the entire surface of the globe. Since they are all moving they rub against each other in some places, sink beneath each other in others, or spread apart from each other…’

Things are constantly happening, even if ever so subtly.

But this is not a science lesson, I could certainly not be so presumptuous. But rather a moment of understanding – it made sense that internally, most of the time, there is movement under the surface, adjustments happening all the time, even when we don’t notice.  Or think we don’t.

I have begun to notice. A shifting of sorts. One that at times is nearly imperceptible.



decisions so small.

changes so subtle.

choices hardly noticeable.


wishes only thought.

desires barely whispered.

strength always growing.


leaving some things back.

choosing what holds value now.

knowing the difference so quietly.


choosing carefully.

trusting purposefully.

listening always.


resolve clarifying.

courage emerging.

boundaries appearing.


almost imperceptibly.



Yes. Things are constantly happening, subtly.



21 thoughts on “Shifting

  1. Sometimes the earth can shift and we don’t feel it until it reaches breaking point – just like our lives, Bonnie. I love this analogy between the shifting earth and our lives 😀

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  2. Damn girl! You. Are. Good! I love the parallels you draw, the sophistication of your analogies, the sensitivity of your observations. Personally, I think the subtle, virtually imperceptible shifts are oftentimes the most profound, for they are the ones that persist. Here’s to continued, nuanced, delightful (though not always so in the moment)….change. Xoxo

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    • Lori – wow!! I love that you love the parallels…that we are on the same page. I very much agree with you, that the subtle changes have the the most potential to rock our world – if we let them and learn how to feel them and let them roll through. I raise my glass (and I have one next to me in this moment!) to our continued rocks and rolls and the beautiful changes we bring into our lives. xoox


    • David, that you got that, the close, while it does not surprise me in the least, it also makes my day. It’s all in the subtlety. And you met me there. Thank you.

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  3. lol, not a science lesson you say but that second sentence is the most easily understood earthquake definition I have ever read! Good points about stuff always happening below the surface. And there are probably others like me who not only don’t notice the subtle shifts, but miss some of the bigger ones as well what with trying to put out daily fires. It’s best to be more mindful, I’m sure. Appreciate reading your thoughts as they help me slow down. As always, you do so well with the inner contemplation and we are the wiser for it 🙂


    • I grew up in earthquake country, rocked and rolled most of my childhood and not because I was listening to my big brother’s rock and roll. But yet, I wasn’t sure how to best capture what actually was happening..only that something obvious on the surface and some things far less obvious below. Consider me a tour guide of sorts for all that lurks below! Haha! 🙂


  4. Always in motion – sometimes like molten lava, almost imperceptibly slow untill one looks at all the ground that has been covered; sometimes like an over-engorged river, as it falls all over itself to get to….well, wherever it’s gonna get to. Those shits honey bun, that represents the true wonder of who you are and how you think. How lucky are we to be able to be a part…xox


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