Quit your whining. Move.

Running. Trying to run.

Gasping. Stopping. Whining

Two weeks off.

A trip.

Of gastronomic proportions.

Eating. It all.

Jet lag.

No movement.

One with the couch.

Gasping. Last one in at run’s end.

Feeling bitchy about how easy it doesn’t feel.

Round the corner.

Head down. Eyes to the ground.



Glint. In my eye.

A car. Parked. The door opens.

Eyes still down, in view are two rubber stoppers.

Those things at the bottom. Bottom of crutches.

Two stoppers. One shoe.


I have two legs.


Run. Run. Run.

Dig deep, woman.


Heart rate picks up. Pace picks up.

Momentum surges.

Still last runner in.

Still gasping.

But running.

On two legs.

Quit your whining.



This memory, from a few months back upon returning from our Paris trip, is still SO vivid in my mind, in ME, and was triggered by yet another  lapse in momentum.



19 thoughts on “Quit your whining. Move.

  1. Last runner in/first runner in/middle of the pack–the joy in running is being part of the race. All the rest is icing. Keep moving, Bonnie! (a little whining is o.k., too)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Carolann, a little whining should go a long way, and yes, just being “part of the race” whatever that might mean, is worth celebrating every day!


  2. Ooooooh, you are sooooo mean! Crap. Now I have to move cause I’ve been whining!! But…I ain’t runnin’…I’d like to keep my eyes (hehe, big boob joke) xoxo


  3. It’s easy to slip into that spot, isn’t it Bon? And then ‘bam,’ right between the eyes, your angels remind ya that you’re lucky (while also whispering in your ear that you’re allowed an off-day now and then). And not for nothin’, but I feel like you’re throwin’ down the gauntlet with DK with the ‘running’ theme. You’ve learned well, grasshopper…. xoxoxo

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    • Yes, that little angel was running just a little ahead of me to remind me what’s most important. That was a moment etched in my mind. Well played, I say to the Universe! 🙂 I think DK has nothing to worry about, his running posts are awesome! Xoxo

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