What about me?
Lots to say

Just not sure



But I have a better idea…now

It’s a work in progress!


22 thoughts on “About

  1. Helllllloooooooooooo out there:

    “Here, I walk into class thinking, Really I have nothing to say to these people, the proper study of writing is reading, is well-managed awe, desire to make a thing, stamina for finishing, adoration of  language, and so on about reverie, solitude, etc. Here, sitting down, I’m going over my secret: I don’t want to be inspiring, I just want to write and they, too, should want that – let’s all agree to go home and work hard.”
    – Lia Purpura


    • Hi..thank you so much! I didn’t see, so I am so glad you left a note for me. So fun, I would love to participate – I will work on a post soon and tag back to you. In the meantime, enjoy those warm, snuggly pj’s!! 🙂 Thank you!


  2. Hi Bonnie … Your blog is one of those ones that I just happened to stumble into, and I am ever glad I did! And I plan to be back soon to enjoy more …


    • Hi !
      That makes my day! Thank you so very much…and so glad to have you here, will look forward to seeing more of you and I will get over to visit your blog too! -cheers!


    • Vicki! Thank you SO much! Such an honor from you and so appreciative…I will be responding to your generosity soon! Thank you for stepping into my little corner here – so nice to have connected with your lovely spirit and perspective.


  3. What a nice little shop you have Bonnie, being a scrap-booker myself… I love these sort of things! I promise to come back and shop, (when my break is over)… Got to run, I’m not suppose to be on the computer 😉


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