She had to ask

Standing at street’s edge; waiting for the light.

A dynamic, vibrant, bustling world class city.

Next to us a young woman stands, waiting.

Poised, stylish, together, confident in her own skin kind of way.

An unlit cigarette in hand.

The signature scarf worn in that effortless and elegant way;

the way of Parisian women.

We catch a moment’s contact of eyes

and then return to our impersonal, stoic forward stares.


I sense movement to my left and turn.

She leans in, so subtly in her graceful way.

Parlez vous Francais?

She had not pegged us as tourists.

There was the chance.

She had to ask.



But my eyes said more.


Merci beaucoup.



We Ran Away…

We hit the road to find cooler temps in the city by the bay.

It was sweet to dodge the heat

And we savored every detail

Especially the characters we met along way

This fellow wanted to know if we were jolly.

And while tempting, we did not interrupt the serious negotiations about the lunch box.

With ocean breezes we felt invincible,

Until we witnessed the toughest fish in the sea…

But we did spy

A room with a view

and directions at every turn.

And now that we are home, again, this is how I feel…

Happy Monday! Stay cool wherever you are!


It was hot. It was 107 hot. We had no choice. We just had to escape. It was Father’s day, so we had to go together. So, we ran away. To The City. My city. San Francisco. Well, it’s not MY city, except that well, it kinda is. I was born there. I spent the first many months of life there…my mama lived there….there’s so much more to the story, but that’s for another day perhaps.  Let’s just say there is part of me always there, and no, I didn’t leave my heart there. Well, in a way, maybe I did, just a little.

We just don’t go often enough, and it’s only 90 minutes away. What’s with that?

So, we escaped from a 107 degree meltdown and arrived in a 65 degree sunny breath of fresh air. Take a moment and have your own little escape too.

City ‘scape…

I have always adored the eclectic nature of SF architecture.

Makes me ponder about the unique lives housed within.

Land ‘scape…

A California Poppy.

Reminds me of our artichokes.

Nature ‘scape…

Baby Ostriches at  San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences.

Seems they like baseball. Must be Giant’s Fans.

3 baby Great Horned Owls up in that tree!  Can you spot the third one?  Best shot I could get with my camera for regular people {300mm zoom} I ‘cried’ when I looked over and saw 3 wildlife photogs with what looked like 3000mm zoom lenses…sigh*

Family ‘scape…

I hope this never gets old when the small one gets bigger than the bigs.

Sky ‘scape….

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending to a beautifully simple and simply beautiful day together.

We didn’t need to, the ending was just a beginning to a whole new show…

Night ‘scape