Not just ours…

We watched it.

Mesmerized by it’s glow. It’s charm.

Its seemingly languid way.

Of slipping away.

Until it was gone.

Kind of like it was teasing us with a childlike chant…

“now you see me, now you don’t”

The afterglow was proof enough that truly we hadn’t just imagined it.

It really had been there.


If we had blinked, we would have missed it.

We watched it slip behind the horizon, slip off the edge of our today.

A new thought washed over me.

We think of the setting sun as ours, the closing of but just one of our many days.

I, for the first time, realized…

that final slip, that closing…

…is not just ours.

It is now the beginning of something altogether new.

For someone else.

It is not just ours



13 thoughts on “Not just ours…

    • I think of that with the moon but never before with the sunset for some reason. It was cool to have a new perspective around the sunset! Hello my friend…good morning 🙂 xoxo

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  1. That is a nice way to connect beyond borders…and wonder about who is taking the time to watch the sun rise as you watch it set. Time well spent.

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  2. This gave me a lump in my throat, Bon. Just beautiful. It’s the way I feel when I look up at the moon, particularly if I’m feeling lonely or missing someone, I’ll think “‘x’ is looking at this moon now, too, and it’s like a silken thread connecting us….” Sending hugs…

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    • Lori…yes, for some reason, when I look at the moon, it’s somehow natural to think of others also sharing the same moon. I don’t think that way so much about the sun..and as I realized, especially not about the setting sun. All this time, it’s always been ‘mine/ours’..the sunset that we got…now I see it much more broadly, which is always cool! A silken thread..yes. Hugs received and shared in return! xo

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