Driving my almost a teenager kiddo to school this morning.

Silence and music for a bit.

My mind snaps to gear; plan for the day.

Must review the plan.

Remember, you have a game tonight.


Change into your your uniform after school.


Walk to the club like normal after school, ok?


I’ll call you when I am on the way to get you. We have to leave in time because of the Friday traffic.


Oh, make sure you order a snack too, there won’t be time to stop on the way and you’ll need something before the game.



Don’t say too much now.

You might use up all the words.

And, that would be such a bummer.

Snarky mama.


and an ever so slight and could-have-so-easily-been-missed


Or was that a smirk?

Have a great day, bug. love you.

love you too.





15 thoughts on “Mm-hmmm

    • I hope your travels were enjoyable Lori! Always good when you stop by here, anytime! Thank you, L, he’s a good kid! Soaking it all in because soon he will be off… time does fly! xoxo

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    • I’m smiling and laughing at the notion of going through the teenage years monosyllabically! I’ll take it and I love that confidence that we will enjoy the ride! I’m counting on it :


  1. mm-hmmmm He’s on his way!! 🙂 But me thinks the grin says a whole lot more. That, and the Love you too! Can’t hate that from an almost teenager….fer sure…xo

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