In Your Words, part deux

I love how this conversation has just continued and continued, here and elsewhere. It’s amazing to me how something so small can make such a difference.  

More words came in over the last few days, and well, it’s not like me to carry on with out them.

So, here is “In YOUR words, part 2” 

word part two

In a word? Amazing. All of you.

Just finding?

Start here, and then go here



10 thoughts on “In Your Words, part deux

  1. I’m with Mim…YOU are one amazing broad (laughing, I know, but I actually like that word)…and yay…I see my word in the bubble. Thrive baby….thrive!


    • Maureen, thank you!!
      And, that’s a great combination – WONDER-fully FEARLESS!! And I agree, is so great to see all of us join in on this process and to see our word bubble expand! PS…I went to your blog and tried to comment but it kept saying I needed to log in? Cheers!


      • Hi Bonnie! Thank you for your encouragement – it really helps! 🙂 Yes, because of some unfortunate spamming (and I’ve since added a spamming plugin) you must create a user id to comment. It’s not a wordpress blog, it’s a site, making it operate slightly differently. If you create a user id/password, you can comment. If you want me to create one for you, just let me know. Appreciate your engagement and would love to have your insight added to the mix! Maureen


  2. I think it is you who are amazing Bon – looked at what you have evoked in this population..the thought, the possibility, the absence of self-consciousness as we all look inward a little deeper to arrive at our truth…xo


    • You are biased my friend (but I will take it 🙂 ). I love this community response and to be with so many amazing folks all wanting to see what’s around the next bend in our lives. Xoxo


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